How to Download vPlayer on Firestick

vPlayer Apk firestick: Here in this post we will see how to download vPlayer on firestick. If you have already installed vPlayer on your Amazon fire TV stick then we will also see how to update vPlayer on firestick.

vPlayer for firestick

vPlayer is one of the trending multimedia players available for Android platform. With vPlayer you can play almost all popular video and audio formats on your android device. You can expect a smooth HD video playback with vPlayer, more importantly, vPlayer is required by Movie HD app to play movies, TV show streams. We will see how vPlayer helps Movie HD app on Fire TV in another article.

How to download vPlayer on Firestick

To download vPlayer Apk on firestick, we first need to install Downloader App on Amazon Fire TV Stick which enable us to download vPlayer apk for firestick from its default in-built browser. Here is the latest article to install Downloader App on Amazon Fire TV.

Once after installing Downloader App on your firestick, follow below steps to install vPlayer on firestick.

  • Launch Downloader App on Firestick.
  • Under Home section, you can find a field to enter the URL of the website you want to load. You can enter the exact download URL of vPlayer Apk or you can also enter the website URL of vPlayer.
  • You can also use in-built browser to browse vPlayer website.
  • Enter the URL in the field and click on Go button.
  • In the web page click on Download vPlayer .Apk button to download the vPlayer Apk for Fire TV.
  • Once the download is finished, click on Install button to proceed with installation.
  • Once vPlayer is installed on your Amazon firestick, then you can start playing movies of any format with ease.

How to update vPlayer on firestick

To update vPlayer Apk on firestick, you just need to uninstall the current version of vPlayer App on your Firestick and then you have to re-install the latest updated vPlayer Apk. This is going to be very much simple. If you have any doubts about how to uninstall apps on firestick then you can check this article: How to uninstall Apps on Firestick.

Also, vPlayer is very much required to play Movie HD app streams either it may be movies or TV Shows. I hope that this article has helped you to install vPlayer App on Firestick. Please drop your comments/issues in comments below.

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