How to get stream link/URL from MX Player

MX Player is one of the best offline media players for Android. It supports wide range of video formats on both Android and iOS devices. One of the best things about MX Player is the integration with other applications or web browser. You can integrate MX Player with other apps so that MX Player will play from the streams URLs provided by other applications. Here in this tutorial I am going to give an overview about MX Player integration and how it works exactly. And, of course I will wind up this tech guide explaining how to get URL/link of the stream from MX Player when the video is playing.

Two applications can communicate via API calls. API is an application program interface. So, if you want to use a different player to play a stream, the URL of the stream will be passed to the video player and if that video player has the functionality of playing from streaming URLs then it will start playing the video from the streaming link. This communication happens in between the applications so you won’t be able to see all this.

As MX Player has this functionality built in to it, it can play videos or movies from streaming URLs. Another example of such kind is the VLC media player.

In most of the cases, this functionality is not open for everyone to use. But we can still get stream URL/Link from MX Player when the video is playing. Here is how to get that…

How to get Stream URL from MXPlayer
Get Stream URL from MX Player

How to get Stream link/URL from MX Player

When a video is playing from a stream, to get the stream URL/link, follow below steps

  • Click on three vertical dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on Tools and then tap on Share option.
  • Tap on Copy to Clipboard from the popup menu from bottom to copy the URL.
  • Now you can paste that URL on notepad to check the streaming link.

Please comment below if you need more information on this.

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