How to revert WordPress HTTPS URL back to HTTP

It is one of the most common issues that every newbie will encounter when trying to convert his wordpress website to use secure https web protocol. Google Chrome already started labeling HTTP sites as “Not secure” so most of the web sites are being migrated to HTTPS to provide secure connection.

But in the process of converting HTTP website to HTTPS, a lot of website admins will end up blocking access to website’s wp-admin page. In this post I would like to let you know how to reset https url back to http in case you have failed to update it correctly.

https to http
https to http

One of the most common mistakes is updating the siteurl to https by without actually installing the SSL certificate for the domain name. In that case you won’t be able to access wp-admin page to revert back the changes. The only way available to you is to revert back the url changes in site database.

How to revert HTTPS URL back to HTTP in WordPress

You need to login to your hosting cPanel account to access phpMyAdmin to revert back the siteurl.

  • Login to cPanel and select phpMyAdmin under DATABASES.
phpMyAdmin in cPanel
  • Here you can see the list of all available databases. In general, MySQL Server is being used for databases in most of the hositngs.
Website Database & tables
  • Select the appropriate Database instance for your current website. You can check the corresponding siteurl under wp_options table.
change siteurl back to http
  • Click on Edit button corresponding to the sitrurl and change the website url back to http.

Now, you can go back and check the connectivity of wp-admin page of your website using http. If you still have any more questions or doubts about this, you can comment me below under comments section.

Here i have a detailed guide on how to change your site from http to https using SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt Authority to your website.

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