3 Best Ways to Spy Someone’s Android Phone

Spy software can be used for many purposes. You can use spy services to track and monitor the activity on a person’s cell phone. The range of activities you can watch is virtually endless. Cell phones are, as we know, an essential part of everyone’s lives.

If you wish to track a person’s activity, cell phones are the key to it. This is where spy apps that can monitor activity on cell phones are priceless. Today, many Android spy apps are functioning in the world.

Some of these Android spy apps rise above the competition. Apps such as Spyic, Spyier, Minspy, or Cocospy, etc., prove to be the best spy app for Android phones time and again.

1. Spyic

Spyic is a spy service that is the best spy app for Android. Spyic is a top-rated app with millions of users all over the world. Spyic has also gained recognition from well-known networks such as Android Authority, Life Hacker, etc.

Spyic does not use any harmful or dangerous operation methods such as root or jailbreak when monitoring devices. This makes Spyic wholly safe and free of any danger for the user and the target mobile phone.

Spyic claims to give dependable and reliable results to users. Spyic also offers customers a lot of features and ways to spy on Android cell phones. The Spyic app itself is user-friendly and straightforward.

The only condition for Spyic to keep functioning is internet connectivity. As long as you and the target cell phone are connected to the internet, Spyic can be operated from any place in the world. You can use any browser and any device to run Spyic.

Some of the main features of Spyic are:

  • View call logs – You can monitor the caller’s history of the mobile phone.
  • Monitor social media activity – Social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook are within your monitoring reach.
  • View text messages – You can also view text conversations and messages on the mobile phone.
  • Keylogger feature – Keylogger feature or function allows you to see what the commonly written words or typed keys are of the target phone.
  • Tracking location via GPS or SIM number – Spyic allows users to track the target mobile phone via GPS or SIM card, or cell phone number.
  • Stealth mode – Stealth mode gives you complete anonymity as you use Spyic to spy on the target device.
  • Geo-fence alerts – Spyic also allows you to set up geo-fence alerts. Geofence alerts are a feature that gives you a notification whenever the target device enters or leaves a specific area. This area can be any area that you have chosen.         
  • Browser history – You can also use Spyic to check the browser history of the phone you are monitoring.

Spyic can be operated remotely. You can use Spyic to track or monitor a cell phone that is millions of miles away from you. This remote functioning, along with the Stealth mode, makes Spyic a very safe to use service.

How to Use Spyic

Step 1

On the Spyic site, you have to make an account from a valid email address. You can then see the different packages and features Spyic offers. Once you have chosen what you wish to obtain, you have to pay the necessary amount for those features.

Step 2

Spyic works best on Android phones, but it also has functions on Apple iOS devices.

For Android devices

You have to install a small file of about 2 MB size on the mobile phone. This file has to be installed directly on the mobile phone as there is no way to do it remotely. The file that you have to install will be given to you by Spyic.

For Apple devices

The installation process of Spyic is even easier for Apple cell phones. You just have to link the Cloud storage account of the target iPhone to your Spyic account. This can all be done remotely, without ever touching the iPhone you wish to track.

Step 3

With the completion of Step 2, you have completed the installation process. Now you have to wait a couple of minutes for Spyic to start working.

You can go on your Spyic dashboard and use the features of Spyic that you have paid for. You can now view messages and calls, track location, or even check the target device’s browser history. Spyic also gives regular updates.

Uninstalling or stopping the functioning of Spyic is an easy affair. For Android devices, you have removed the file you installed on the phone manually. No service lets you do this without coming in direct contact with the Android cell phone.

For iPhones, it is simpler because you can stop Spyic service without touching the target phone. You just have to desync or cancel the link between the Cloud storage and your Spyic account.

2. Spyier

Spyier is a spy service that is available all over the globe. You can use this app to monitor Android cell phones with ease. This is a highly recommended app with a large user base.

Spyier is also completely legal and safe to use. There is no root or jailbreak involved in Spyier’s operation. This is a constant feature in the best spy apps as it saves users from a lot of danger. Spyier is an app that is trusted by tons of users worldwide.

Spyier is Spyic’s biggest competitor in the world of spy apps and services. In recent times, Spyier has become the best choice for people who wish to use something other than Spyic.

3. Minspy

Minspy has gained a lot of fame for its stellar spying capabilities. Minspy is one of those rare apps that function equally well on Android and Apple devices.

Minspy’s installation process is quick and efficient, much like Spyic. It also gives users the ability to keep tabs on a target device in many ways. Minspy can track a phone’s location, view message and call history, and even browser history. Minspy allows you to monitor social media platforms as well.

Minspy is loaded with features. As for the accuracy or reliability of these features’ results, Minspy claims they are incredibly reliable. The large customer base this app has managed to acquire also proof of its reliability.


Spy apps have become relatively common these days. What was once thought of as an activity for only a small portion of people can be done by anyone. Android spy apps and services that can spy on cell phones are such apps.

The best spy apps for Android that we came across while using spy apps have been listed above. There is also a brief review for the best out of the lot, that is Spyic. You can now monitor and keep tabs on anyone just by using these simple apps and services.

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