AllCast No Media Playback In Progress ShowBox

AllCast No Media Playback In Progress ShowBox: Many times you might be seeing this error in AllCast No Media Playback in Progress when you try to cast ShowBox movies from your Android/iOS Phone or tablet. At that time, you actually might have thought, Why does my AllCast say no media playback in progress? If you are a techie, then you could have understood what does no media playback in progress mean on AllCast. It simply means that no video input is available to stream. Here we will understood why you encounter this error when you try to stream movies from ShowBox.

AllCast is the best streaming app for Chromecast. With the help of AllCast you can actually stream Movies, Photos, and Music to your TV with the help of Chromecast, a media streaming device comes with an inbuilt HDMI which you can plug into the HDMI port of your Smart TV. Chromecast can be powered up from the USB port of your TV or with a separate wall charging. Chromecast supports iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android tablet, Windows PC, Mac Computer and Chromebook.

Note:Make sure that your Android/iOS device and Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi connection while trying to stream movies with Chromecast.

Allcast No Media Playback In Progress ShowBox

As we all know that ShowBox is the best video streaming app with which you can actually watch a lot of Movies with all the latest movies included, TV Shows, Trailers etc. If you are using iOS devices, then MovieBox is the alternative for ShowBox for iOS devices. With that extent of entertainment under your finger tips, you can actually want to stream it to your Smart TV so that you can watch all your favorite movies on large-inch screen. So, to enable this you need to have Chromecast dongle with you and a streaming app on your Android/iOS smartphone.

AllCast is so far the best streaming app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. You might be already knowing the procedure to set up everything to a working condition. So, now you are ready to stream your movies from ShowBox, then you found the error on Allcast No Media Playback In Progress, this is not at all a problem with your AllCast app or Chromecast.

ShowBox is actually taking time to send headers to AllCast app or you can say, AllCast needs around 40Sec of time to receive video url and headers from ShowBox App. So, if you encounter the error on Allcast No Media Playback In Progress with ShowBox, just want for 40 to 45sec. and you will see that video start casting to your TV.

Hope that this will help you to understand about the error “No Media Playback In Progress” on AllCast.

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