Android Emulator for Tizen

Android Emulator for Tizen:Here we will see the best available Android Emulator for Tizen OS to run Android apps. As the app base is limited for Tizen, people will look for a platform which provides Android compatibility on Tizen OS. This is more like creating a virtualized Android environment on Tizen OS with the base OS as Tizen and an emulator which runs on Tizen which is compatible to install Android Apps on Tizen Powered devices like Smartphones and Smart TVs. Android Emulators are trendy, say to install Apk files on Windows, we have BlueStacks, Andy, LeapDroid etc. Here we will see one best Android Emulator for Tizen to run Android Apps.

Tizen OS is based upon Linux kernel, which is more like a Linux like OS. For the matter of fact, even Android is also based upon Linux. Tizen is limited to Samsung devices and today we can see many Samsung devices like Smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, PCs, Cameras etc. using Tizen OS. Its the best thing if Tizen provides Android Apk compatibility so that we can install our favorite Android apps on Tizen powered Samsung devices.

The best method to run Android apps on Tizen OS to get Polaris App Player for Tizen on Windows PC to convert APK files to TPK files. Then we can install those TPK files on Tizen powered devices.

The other popular and working method is to install OpenMobiles ACL for Tizen, Application Compatibility Layer app for Tizen from the Tizen store. Which, if enabled will let us install Android apps on Tizen OS. This is more like an Android emulator for Tizen which creates a virtualized environment on Tizen and provides Apk compatibility. As many Samsung Smart TVs are running on Tizen OS, we can use this method to install your favorite android apps on Samsung Smart TV.

Android Emulator for Tizen

Here I will let you know in brief about both the ways; to use Polaris Android Emulator for Tizen and using ACL for Tizen app to install Android apps on Tizen OS.

Polaris App Player or Polaris App Generator is a tool which provides an easy way to install Android apps on Tizen. Polaris App Player developers are claiming that any Android Apk can be automatically converted to Tizen Tpk using Polaris, which can be uploaded to Tizen Store. Then you can download this app to Tizen device and run it as Tizen app.

Update: Polaris App generator has been discontinued and the developers are not supporting it. Polaris App Generator wont support Tizen 2.4 and 3.0.

ACL for Tizen” app is another way with which you install ACL enabled apps in the Tizen Store. This is the official method from Samsung. You need ACL for Tizen app to be installed in order to run ACL enabled apps. This is very simple, simply download ACL for Tizen app from Tizen Store and then you can install many Tizen enabled apps available in the Tizen Store. In another post we will see how to install all Android APK files on Tizen OS.

Once after installing ACL for Tizen app, you need to launch ACL application and tap on Settings option. Then tap on enabled option, to enable ACL on your Tizen device. You can see all the ACL enabled apps that are installed on your Tizen device by tapping on the Apps option.

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