AppEven Not Working on iOS

AppEven not working on iOS? Here we will see some of the basic problems and errors with AppEven app which you may encounter while installing AppEven or while using AppEven App on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device. AppEven is the latest third party iOS App Store for iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11. From AppEven, you can download and install paid applications on your iOS devices for free. Similar to Tutu App, AppEven is one of the reliable sources of tweaked iOS apps.

AppEven not working
AppEven not working

AppEven comes with a VPN to protect apps from revokes. You can see similar service called Nesstool in Tutu App, which is also a VPN, which protects apps from revocations. Even though AppEven is very good and reliable, users still face some issues while using it on their iOS devices. Let’s list out common AppEven errors with some suitable workarounds to fix those errors.

AppEven Not Working

So, you wanted to install some of your favorite premium apps from AppEven and you have installed it on your iOS device. Once after installing AppEven, you may be unable to launch AppEven App store. So, before going to launch AppEven, you need to Trust the profile of AppEven App, for that follow below steps.

Once after installing AppEven, don’t launch the app. You will get the error “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” if you try to launch the app. You need to Trust the profile that is used to install AppEven on your iPhone. For that go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and here under Enterprise App, you will find the profile of AppEven. Tap on it and Trust the profile. Now, go to home screen and tap on AppEven icon to launch the app.

AppEven Not Trusted

This is the same thing that we have explained above. You first need to Trust the profile of AppEven app to launch the app.

AppEven Redirecting to App Store

Once after installing AppEven App, you wish to install all your favorite games and apps. But for some apps, when you click on Get button, AppEven is redirecting to App Store. I am not sure whether this is a normal behavior or not, but this definitely need to be answered. I have contacted AppEven Service Team regarding the same and I am currently waiting for their reply. Once I got the answer, I will update it here.

AppEven is Crashing

Sometimes when you launch AppEven app, it simply crashes and will not open. This we have already seen in Tutu App, if you are using the free version of AppEven, there are chances that Apple revokes certificate. At that time, the best thing is to uninstall currently installed AppEven and install latest AppEven from its website.
If you are facing any other errors, you can post in comments, so that other will get to know about these errors and fixes.

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  1. When I try to install Appeven it gets about 3/4ths the way done download and then just stops and goes dark grey and won’t download

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