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Become AppEven VIP user and download Paid apps without any App revokes. In the recent times, there is a third party app store named AppEven is creating buzz among the iOS users. It is claiming to be the stable iOS Helper Ever and it requires no jailbreak or Apple ID to install apps from its App Store. In AppEven Store, all the games and apps are completely free before, but recently they have added AppEven VIP Support. Users need to buy AppEven VIP to unlock few extra features which are mentioned below.

AppEven VIP Download
AppEven VIP Download

AppEven VIP Features

  • Every user once if they install AppEven App, they will get AppEven User ID, this is for both VIP and non-VIP users.
  • Users can download more expensive paid games like Vargo Anesthesia Mega App, Extreme Landings Pro, and Carly for BMW Pro etc. for free once they become a AppEven VIP user.
  • Unlimited Gold coin games – You can download exclusive unlimited coin games once you become AppEven VIP user. This will helps you to unlock all the levels and powers to reach high scores easily.
  • With AppEven VIP service, you can relieve yourself from watching Ads while downloading games and apps.

AppEven VIP Compatibility

  • AppEven is compatible to install on all the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch running on iOS 9+ version. AppEven will be more compatible with the recent iOS versions such as iOS 10 and iOS 11.

AppEven VIP iOS Download

  • To download VIP version of AppEven, you need to download the free version first and then you can upgrade to AppEven VIP version. We have given steps to upgrade from AppEven free version to VIP version below in this post.

How to Become AppEven VIP User?

Once you have downloaded AppEven Free version, you can easily upgrade yourself to AppEven VIP user. To become AppEven VIP user, you can follow any of these three steps.

  • Launch AppEven App and tap on VIP Exclusive Games and tap on Get button of any app, you will be redirected to subscribe for AppEven VIP version.
  • Tap on VIP label on home screen and tap on Get button of any of your favorite app, you will be taken to AppEven VIP subscription page.
  • You can go to Settings and then tap on Become a VIP option to go to Payment page.
AppEven VIP iOS
AppEven VIP iOS

How much is for AppEven VIP subscription?

  • To become AppEven VIP user, you have two options, $3.90 for 30 days or you can pay a single-time amount of $9.90 for Lifetime.
  • You need to provide the User ID when you feedback to AppEven if you have any problems with VIP apps or VIP subscription/payment.

Where can I find my User ID in AppEven ?

  • Every user who has installed AppEven on their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch will have a User ID. You may be a VIP or non-VIP user, you can find your User ID under Settings.
  • Go to Settings and tap on Copy button beside User ID option. This will Copy your User ID to pasteboard. Then you can paste that User ID on any of the Notepads available.

If you have any more questions/queries on AppEven VIP subscription, you can comment us below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a suggestion or a fix to your problem.

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  1. I had appeven on my system then it stopped working the third party permission kicked it out so I deleted it and know it won’t download I sure do miss it plz help

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