The Best Camera Phones of 2021

We all have a knack for photography, thanks to the advanced smartphones in our hands due to which we always have a good camera handy to capture any moment any time! Just by looking at a few tutorials on YouTube or following our favorite photographer online, we can make our own portfolio on Instagram.

If you are interested in photography, then here are some of the best phones that you can consider:

Best camera phones

1. Google Pixel 5

Famous for its top-notch camera quality, the Google Pixel series have been successful in establishing a good reputation in the market. As far as Google Pixel 5 is concerned, Google has surely made significant changes to the Pixel 5 model with its edge-to-edge screen and excellent quality camera.

With this phone, you get a dual camera on the back. The combo includes a regular 12.5 MP camera and an ultra-wide 16 MP camera. If you want a telescopic lens, you can check out Google Pixel 4 that is slightly different from pixel 5, apart from the secondary lens.

Other features of the pixel 5 are its wide OLED screen and a generous RAM of 8 GB. It is powered by 4080 mAh battery, and has a storage of 128 GB running on Android 11 software. So for all the photography geeks out there, you can get this budget-friendly phone to capture some excellent Instagram pictures.

2. Oppo Find FX2 Pro

The Oppo Find FX2 Pro is said to be better than even the most premium Samsung Ultra models. This phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, with a RAM of 12GB and storage capacity of 512 GB. Its 6.7 inch LCD with QHD resolution and a 4260 mAh battery life means you can use the phone’s superior quality camera anywhere any time! Its large and high resolution screen is one of the reasons why pictures on this phone turn out so well!

Talking about its main feature, camera, there is a 3-lens camera on the back and a front camera. With the Sony sensor, the main camera at the rear is of a whopping 48 MP, while the second camera is a periscope lens with 5x optical zoom. The third one has a 12MP wide angle camera that is second to none.

Oppo Find FX2 Pro has an exceptional exterior as well. You can buy the phone in 2 finish options: ceramic finish and vegan leather finish. If you don’t want ceramic or vegan leather, the non-Pro model comes with a glass on the rear giving it an extra bit of sleek look.

Oppo VS Samsung arguments show that Oppo is more concerned with its camera quality than anything else. So, if you are a true photography geek for whom camera quality is the top most priority, then you should buy this model.

3. Apple iPhone 12 series

The most common argument iPhone users put up with Android users is that iPhone always has the best camera. Well, we cannot deny this in the case of Apple iPhone 12 series. The series include an iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and 12 Pro Max. But needless to say, each of the phones in the series are worth mentioning.

iPhone 12 specs:

  • 6.1 inch display
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2815 mAh battery
  • 64/128/256GB storage
  • 2 cameras, a 12 MP main and a wide angle camera

iPhone 12 Pro specs:

  • 6.1 inch display
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 2815 mAh battery
  • 12 MP main camera, wide angle, and telescopic camera
  • 128/256/512 GB storage options

iPhone 12 Pro Max specs:

  • 6.7 inch display
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 128/256/512 GB storage
  • 12 MP main camera, wide angle, and telescopic camera
  • 3687 mAh battery

iPhone 12 Mini specs:

  • 5.4 inch display
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64/128/256 GB storage
  • 2227 mAh
  • 12 MP main and wide angle camera

If the iPhone 12 series does not sit well in your budget, there is a solution for that. Apple iPhone SE has some of the premium features, including wireless charging and a reasonably good camera. The 11 series is also good enough if you are looking for something less pricey than the 12 series. Make sure to check out some tips and tutorials on YouTube that tell you the hidden qualities of iPhone 12 cameras.

Features of a good camera

Investing in a good smartphone with high quality camera is a pricey investment you are going to make. Make sure that you consider the following features and aspects when choosing the best phone camera for yourself.

Dual lens is all the hype

One reason why iPhone 11 became so famous, other than its edge-to-edge screen, is its dual camera. Dual cameras allow users to capture moments in different compositions. This is a huge selling point for most photographers and regular users as well. Pro models even have 3 cameras, but if you want a phone for basic use, non-pro models are good enough.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and Note 20 Ultra are also some excellent examples of how smartphones are incorporating more than 1, or even more than 2 cameras.


Aperture is a technical term that everyone might not be aware of. However, considering the speed at which smartphone cameras are advancing, we can imagine that everyone will soon what aperture is. Aperture refers to how wide a lens opens up to allow light to transmit and ensure excellent colors in a photo. The wider the lens opens, the more light it receives, allowing you to take a better picture. Make sure to check a camera’s aperture, and try to find the maximum possible.


High dynamic range is a very common feature that you will find even in budget smartphones these days. This is because the feature is very important. HDR allows you to capture pictures in automatically improved and optimized form. For example, HDR mode tweak highlights and reduces noise right after you capture a picture. In most phones, you get to save the original, un-tweaked version along with the HDR one too. This feature is great for landscape photography and for professional purposes.


Optical image stabilization, or simply stabilization refers to advanced technology added in smartphones to reduce blurs and noise in videos and images. OIS is commonly found in professional DSLRs, but is not incorporated in smartphones. iPhone cameras are widely used to shoot professional films and videos, and the reason behind it is the outstanding OIS performance.

High resolution camera and screen

You can get a high resolution camera, but none of the pictures will amuse you if you have a poor quality screen. Google pixel 5 and Samsung premium models have an exceptional resolution that do not pixelate your pictures. However, budget models by Apple such as the iPhone SE compromises on screen resolution.


Now that you are fully aware of what options you have on the market, get ready to buy yourself one of the best camera phones and capture pictures for your Instagram. Our social media runs on high quality images. Make use of fast speed Fiber Optic Internet to make the most out of your beautiful captures. Share them with the world and flaunt your photography skills.

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