The Best Car Gadgets That Make our Lives Easier

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a “fancy” car with the most advanced technological innovations on board. Someone still saves money and does not even think about something like that. And someone cannot imagine their life without multifunctional gadgets and “smart” devices.

Luckily, you can always try out the newest and most varied cars just by renting them. Today, for example, it is very easy to rent a Tesla in Dubai. Just go to the car rental website. The latest models of Tesla, Lamborghini, Porsche and many other sports cars are easy to hire. Just rent one of them and feel like the driver of the future.

In order to improve your car and give it a new life, you need to pay attention to the important gadgets and technologies that must be installed in modern vehicles. After all, technologies are improving almost every day, and the prices of gadgets that until recently seemed like a luxury are falling significantly. Below is a list of the most useful tools in our opinion.

Smart Start Systems

Older models are not equipped with a remote start function, so on a cold winter morning, you have to get into the car and warm it up for a while to defrost the engine and start the car normally.

But to solve the problem, you can use a more convenient tool – a special gadget for remotely starting any car using a smartphone. In addition to the main purpose in the form of remote control of the car, such a device can notify you about parking, determine the current location of your vehicle, and also automatically start the engine at a certain time, based on the usual schedule. In addition, such a small product will be a great helper for parents tracking their child’s location using a GPS sensor. It is enough to put it in a pocket of clothes or attach it to a backpack, and it will be possible to check the current coordinates at any time through the smartphone application.

Smart Driver Assistant

The following gadget will become an indispensable assistant for car owners who plan to monitor the current state of their car, conduct a complete engine diagnostics, improve fuel efficiency, etc.

In addition to these important functions, the device is equipped with an engine code scanner, which allows you to quickly determine the cause of malfunctions and find the best way to eliminate them. To install, just insert the plug into the OBD-II port located directly in the car. After that, the application will independently read the necessary information, taking care of the safety of the vehicle.

Virtual Display on the Windshield

What a few years ago seemed like an incredible luxury or a device from a science fiction movie, today you can buy it at an affordable price. The head-up display on the windshield of a car is a very useful and functional tool that can expand the basic functions of the multimedia and infotainment system of your vehicle. Designed by Navdy, the projector can project a picture from a smartphone, displaying all the necessary information on the windshield. Among the available features: GPS-navigation, gesture control, support for wireless Bluetooth interface, voice control and the ability to make phone calls.

Carplay Infotainment Systems

Imagine that all the functions of your smartphone are available on a modern car navigation display. Unbelievable, isn’t it? And so, Apple decided to make the dream of many car owners a reality by presenting the CarPlay system.

The development allows you to use the capabilities of the iPhone without physical contact with it. Now you can manage text messages, calls, maps, music and more directly from the dashboard of your car. The list of vehicles supporting the new technology is rapidly expanding.

LED Lighting Kits

Dim interior lights and side marker lamps are often an annoyance to car owners – they look dull and are not able to provide the driver with the right amount of light. To solve the problem, you can purchase a ready-made LED lighting kit, consisting of several very bright, strong and durable lamps that can transform the interior of your car and make it truly irresistible.

Due to the huge demand and surge in popularity, such products are available in almost every relevant store.

Today, even the oldest car can turn into a truly modern vehicle, equipped with unique technologies and gadgets. Every year the cost of such new products is getting lower and lower, which puts the official dealers of some companies in an awkward position.

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