Bloodhunt Tips: Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Vampire Battle Royale

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has quickly emerged as one of the most popular games in the last few years. Since its release in 2018, this game has continuously topped the charts in its category and received more than enough favorable reviews. One thing that distinguishes it from other Battle Royale games in the genre is its setting. Its unique spin on the traditional last-man-standing formula makes for compelling gameplay.

But while this all might seem fascinating enough, don’t let this divert from the fact that Bloodhunt is a highly challenging game, especially for beginners. Not only are the mechanics brutal for newbies to get a handle on, but there is much more than one needs to be aware of to perform well in the game. As mentioned earlier, Bloodhunt is quite different from PvP battle royale games. Luckily, the following Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt cheats are sure to make the game easier and more fun for new players.

1. Experiment with all classes

‘You would never know until you try’ is a prevalent saying that advises one to try their hand at everything when there are multiple options available. The same could be recommended in the case of Bloodhunt classes as well. These classes are termed Archetypes in Bloodhunt, with each of them having unique strengths, abilities, and weaknesses as well. The best thing about this is that none of the classes are overpowered, so you can quickly try your luck with every one of them and then determine which one fits your playing style perfectly.

2. Focus on one area of the map in the beginning

Bloodhunt is already a challenging game, but the task could become even more formidable if one is unaware of their location. Our tip here for beginners is basically to focus on one area of the map and learn it by heart. The battleground is based in Prague’s Old Town area, and the developers have done an excellent job in capturing every detail of the location. Make sure to pick the most comfortable zone and set it as the preferred drop-in spot. There is no specific high-loot area in the game, as the loot is spread out randomly. The start could be pretty chaotic, so if you are in a place that you are familiar with, it could give you an edge.

3. Utilize heightened senses as much as you can

Bloodhunt has a unique feature available for all characters in every archetype: heightened senses. This feature allows one to get an understanding of what is in their surroundings. Whether it is enemy combatants, loot piles, ammo healing items, and even NPC that vampires can feed on and get an extra life, everything of importance will be highlighted there. So, utilize this feature as much as you can and avoid getting into any traps set by the enemy players.

4. Be discreet when feeding on NPC characters

It is quite an essential tip, especially if you want to survive in this game and not be hunted from the first minute. Feeding on the civilian does give you extra health, but you need to be extremely careful how and where you do so. In case any other NPC character spots you during your feeding, it will immediately start a bloodhunt, and your location will be visible to every player on the map. You would be unlikely to survive one.

5. Get on that building

Another thing that makes Bloodhunt different from many other battle royales out there available in the market is how vertical the map of the game is. Yes, you can easily climb on any building in this game, and it is something you should take to heart, especially as a newbie player. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of the streets in Prague when there is a bloodbath going on. You are likely to be gunned down without even having a chance to face your attacker. You can also effortlessly leap from building to building and easily fool your chaser about your location. Another thing you can do is spy on unsuspecting targets, enemies, and civilians alike, and take your opportunity as they come.

Just follow the above-listed tips, and you will start to perform spectacularly as a beginner in the game. Now, why are you waiting? Get started as a beginner and try these tips and get some wins under your belt.

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