CocoFax Review: the Best Online Fax Services for 2021

With the evolution in time, everything has changed. But the method of faxing is still a bit conventional. And conventional things require more space to be adjusted with today’s smart things. Why not bring a technique which can take over to the traditional faxing method?

Though it is a good idea, you might be thinking, how can this be done? Today we will introduce you to a method which is an online fax service. You can use it to fax from Google online, So stay connected till the end to get to know everything about it.


CocoFax is providing people with top-class solutions to make their work more facile. Many people want to have a fax machine for their business work but are not getting it due to the amount they will have to spend in order to buy it and all the expenditures that come along with it. Give a visit to its homepage and get to know a lot more about this tool.

In contrast, some people own a fax machine, but they are not happy with it as they have to do a lot of manual work. For example, they have to go through tons of faxes just to find one of the faxes. 

In the cases stated above, having a tool like CocoFax is no less than a blessing. CocoFax is a cloud-based software designed to run on all electronic devices without the restriction of downloading any software/hardware.

Cocofax is here with an ambition to improve the conventional methods of faxing for the people who are using fax or are willing to use it. Cocofax being an online tool offers people considerable savings and spends those savings on some other things. 

It allows its users to fax without a fax machine or phone line. Isn’t it incredible? That no sort of machine is required. Only you need to have an electronic device to send or receive the fax.


CocoFax enables the users with some excellent features which almost no other application is currently providing:

Fax Number

CocoFax provides the users the utmost ease related to all the aspects of faxing. Even it allows the users to select a fax number for free. Also, all the terms and charges are crystal clear. They don’t contain any hidden costs, and it is undoubtedly one of the best things about them.

Fax Archiving

It is a feature that enables the users to archive the fax, which they don’t want to appear on the storage. Once the fax is archived, the user will have to move to the archive folder to view that fax.

Fax Preview

Another splendid feature provided by Cocofax is Fax preview. It allows the users to make a preview before sending the fax. In other words, by this feature, the user can make the last-minute editing and give touch-ups to the fax.

Fax Covers

CocoFax gives the option of multiple fax covers to its clients. The user can go for what he thinks suits his needs or the nature of the fax he is sending. If the connection gets distorted or your battery dies due to some issue, the fax will be sent via automatic processing.

Fax Search

CocoFaxr protects its users from the hectic manual work of fax searching. At any point you are in need to find a fax, you can just enter a keyword. And there you go, you will come up with your desired fax within seconds.

International Faxing

CocoFax is currently providing its services in 189 countries. It has gained the trust of people from its remarkable benefits. It allows its users to conduct business communications around the globe.

Subscription packages

CocoFax provides its users with a range of subscription packages. They can choose the one which they think suits best to their needs. These packages are Lite, Business, Premium, Enterprise, and Basic. All these packages are with different services along with different prices.

A user can upgrade his plan at any time. Upgradation of the project is also a no big issue. All you are in need of is to login into your account and change the package. With this tool you can send more faxes and also the perk you can enjoy is that you can save more when you switch to an annual plan.

All the packages are very cost-effective and go well with the budget. Also, you can buy more searches at any time you run out of searches in a minimal amount. 

Fax from Google

CocoFax enables the users to send a fax directly from google. You will not have to go through any of the problematic processes, but you can do it simply by authorizing the connection between your Cocofax add-on account and google account. 

All you have to do is to enter the recipient’s fax number and send the fax. When the recipient receives the fax, you will get a delivery report.

How to use send fax via CocoFax 

It is three steps simple process to send a fax via CocoFax.

Step 1: 

The very first thing you have to do is to add the recipient’s fax number.

Step 2:

Now add the documents you are willing to send in fax and also add a subject.

Step 3:

The final step you have to perform is to press the send button, and after this, you are done. The fax is sent, and the recipient will receive it. When the fax is delivered, you will be notified within a few minutes of its delivery.

Safe and Encrypted Faxes 

CocoFax is safe to utilize, so each individual who is reconsidering about using this device can give up their concerns. It doesn’t copy any of the data you get and sends through it. 

Many fax applications save some data while you send or get them; some of them have information that should be secured no matter what, so with CocoFax, you can do all your own and expert faxing work with no dread.


We hope that all this information will help you a lot to reconsider your conventional faxing method. Stop wasting your time looking for the right tool as it is the best one to have. Get your subscription package today and start up your faxing work without any hassle. Also, let us know about your experience.

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