Unlock Your Coding Potential With 4Geeks: Enjoy Premium Offerings And Scholarships

4Geeks is an organization offering coding bootcamps and training courses to people who want to work in the technology sector. The company, found in 2015, imparts programming and software development knowledge through intensive and immersive workshops.

The company provides different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies in its curriculum, with a focus on online and mobile development. Moreover, the organization provides accessible and valuable education to people from various backgrounds to close the skills gap in the technology industry.

They offer practical instructions, real-world projects, and mentoring to assist students in gaining the knowledge and abilities required to become a master in the IT profession.

Why Choose 4Geeks?

Studying online offers numerous benefits, and 4Geeks Academy maximizes these advantages. Firstly, online learning provides flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace and fit their education around existing commitments.

Whether you’re working full-time, have family responsibilities, or live in a remote area, the accessibility of online learning removes many barriers to entry.

In addition, studying code online allows you to become a developer and work from home. The demand for remote developers has increased significantly, allowing professionals to enjoy the benefits of a flexible work environment and a better work-life balance.

In fact, software development offers attractive earning potential with high-paid salaries ranging from 35 to 120 thousand dollars, depending on the company and location.

4Geeks Scholarship Opportunities

It takes millions in today’s educational market to cover the full education expenses of a student studying in the United States. For example, it takes an average student up to $12,320 worth of educational expenses in public (2-year) colleges.

Moreover, according to an article by Top Universities, the annual cost of studying at a premium, private (4-year) college rises to nearly $50,000. Similarly, according to an article by Shorelight, these costs ranged from $10,400 annually for public colleges and $38,000 annually for private colleges in 2021.

These examples indicate how educational expenses have skyrocketed post-covid and are anticipated to keep rising at unprecedented rates. In these challenging times, 4Geeks is providing access to coding education with more than 20 million dollars in scholarships given to date (Nearly 3 million dollars per year!).

Recently, 4Geeks has decided to collaborate with Landing.Jobs to increase the magnitude of the scholarship. LandingJobs and 4Geeks have teamed up to offer over €500,000 in scholarships for aspiring data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Each scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees and will be awarded based on the results of our selection process. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to advance your career in tech!

Guaranteed Job Placements With 4Geeks

The US and International job markets have become more saturated than ever. With the recent boom in IT and computing sectors, students often find themselves in noman’s land trying to find appropriate or, in fact, any job opportunities at all.

With 4Geeks, such concerns can be put to rest. With our top-rated curriculum, we have graduated more than 2,000 students from all our campuses across the US, with a job placement rate of up to 86%.

At 4Geeks, we are committed to our student’s success and financial well-being. Thus, we ensure that none of our students leave the camp worrying about not finding suitable job/career opportunities.

We, at 4Geeks, are extremely confident in our job placement efficiency and our student’s abilities that we provide a money-back guarantee to all of our students if they fail to find or get a job in over 180 days after graduating from the academy.

On top of this exclusive and unique money-back guarantee, students receive unlimited mentorship and lifetime access to 4Geeks Academy’s career support system. These career support systems include components such as job placement assistance, networking opportunities, alumni networks, industry insights, mock interviews, and much more.

Our Results So Far

4Geeks Academy strives to provide students with the best outcomes and learning opportunities. It’s important to note that individual results can vary, and the success of 4Geeks’ graduates would depend on various factors, including the effort and dedication of the students themselves.

However, with more than 1500+ graduates, 2500+ alumni, and campuses spread over the USA, Latin America, and Europe, we ensure that we ourselves bring success to our students.

Unsurprisingly, 4Geeks sits among the top 38 bootcamps in the US according to SwitchUp and is ranked the second best bootcamp in the US by CourseReport.

Graduates of 4Geeks Academy have been hired by an increasing number of partner recruiting MNCs, including Microsoft, eBay, Uber, KPMG, and Facebook. Students can find employment locally and abroad, thanks to the expanding network of recruitment partners.

4Geeks Premium Code Offerings

4Geeks offers premium code offerings in various disciplines to cater to different career paths and interests. Here are three of their prominent premium code offerings:

1. Full Stack Developer Course

This course is intended to give students a thorough education to help them become successful full stack developers. Students who complete this course will have the abilities and knowledge to create dynamic web apps from front to back.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, React, and other technologies are all covered in the course. In addition, students gain knowledge of databases, APIs, and online deployment while learning to build dynamic and responsive web apps.

2. Machine Learning Bootcamp

4Geeks also provides a course on Machine Learning Engineering. The theoretical underpinnings of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning are examined in this course.

Students learn to use well-known machine learning frameworks and libraries like TensorFlow and sci-kit-learn. They receive hands-on experience creating and implementing machine learning models in the real world. Data preprocessing, model selection, evaluation, and deployment are some subjects covered in the program.

3. Data Science Bootcamp

The Data Science Bootcamp at 4Geeks offers thorough instruction in machine learning, statistics, and data analysis. Students who complete this online coding bootcamp learn how to collect, prepare, and analyze data to gain knowledge and make wise judgments.

It goes on fundamental ideas and applications for software, including Python, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Scikit-Learn. The additional topics covered in class are predictive modeling, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis.

The Final Word

Now that you know all about the wonders of 4Geeks Academy, you can better understand how priceless such opportunities are for people looking forward to a successful future in the IT sector.

So, stop waiting and get your slot booked at 4Geeks and enjoy an unforgettable coding experience!

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