Best Sales Enablement Tool – A Full Review Of Content Camel

We are living in a tiring and challenging time, where the dynamics of every industry have hugely shifted because of COVID-19. The sales industry is no exception. The traditional selling techniques are no longer suitable for current circumstances. It has made it difficult for the sales reps to meet their quotas and do what they do best, selling.

But don’t worry, if you want your business to improve sales, you should look for modern sales tools. One such tool is the sales enablement platform. Content Camel is the best software you can find on the market.

Want to know what makes it so special? In this post, we have reviewed the software in detail.

What Is Content Camel?

Content Camel is a web-based sales enablement software created for helping the sales team perform better. It will allow you to organize and manage everything in one place. You can easily share, track, and find content. The software will enable sales teams to optimize content for sales success.

Key Features

Following are some of the best features of this software:

  • Performance Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Presentation Management
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Stack Integration
  • Organization
  • Collaboration

The Good

Content Camel is among the few sales enablement software that proves to be valuable. Here are some of the good things.

Content Organization and Management

Without a doubt, it is annoying and irritating to have plenty of folders filled with God knows what type of content. That is one of the reasons why sales reps have to spend hundreds of hours looking for the right information.

With Content Camel, sales reps can easily organize and manage all the content in a central place. The best thing is that you can even sort the information through funnel stages, tags, content age, and type. It will become hassle-free to find the information you are looking for and share it. The sales team can have access to datasheets, videos, posts, eBooks, and much more.

When the sales reps will have quick access to the right information at the right time, they will be able to close a deal fast.

Searching For The Required Information Is Easy

Another great feature of this software is its searching capabilities. Thanks to Content Camel, sales agents can search for the required asset or document. In this way, the sales team will not waste hours looking for the content instead, spend it selling.

Exceptional Buyer Experience

The main aim of this software is to help you provide an excellent customer experience. Thanks to sales analytics, you can get insights and metrics into customer engagement. In this way, you can make sure customers get what they want and improve their experience.

Moreover, the sales enablement platform offers amazing customer support service for users. The customer service experts are available 24/7 to assist you. 

Affordable Price

Unlike other sales enablement tools, you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket to subscribe to it. We think a good sales tool should be easily available and affordable for all sizes and types of businesses. One of the best things about this tool is that it is not expensive at all. You can subscribe to it for $15 per month and $162 per year.

Also, there is no long-term contract. With other tools, you don’t have the option of subscribing to it for a month. You have to subscribe to it for a year. Not only this, but you get a free trial before subscribing. It means you can try it to determine whether or not it is the right choice for your needs.

The Bad

Here are some of the things that we didn’t like about Content Camel.

Cannot Use Without Chrome Extension

Unlike some of the sales enablement software, you might not be able to use Content Camel without the chrome extension. That is because it is a web-based tool that you cannot download directly on the device. So, you have to use it through the extension.

Lacks Content Usage Tracking

Another thing we disliked about this software is that you cannot check who opened the document. You will not be able to know whether employees, prospects and clients have used the information or not.

Few Training Options

Getting training before using the sales enablement software is a must. For this purpose, sales reps are sent for in-person training. However, with Content Camel, this is not the case. Of course, you can have access to a wide range of training resources such as documentation, webinars, and online live sessions. But it lacks in-person training. Through in-person training, sales reps can productively learn.

Additional Features

Without a doubt, the software is excellent providing a broad range of features. Still, it lacks some pretty useful features like meeting management or training management. We all know how busy sales reps are; they don’t have time to waste on finding the required content or scheduling meetings with a prospect or client. Yet, sales reps spend hundreds of hours communicating with a client and organizing a meeting.

With the help of meeting management, sales reps can easily see the free slots of clients and schedule a meeting. In this way, the sales reps will not have to call again and again to check availability.

Such features will only help improve the productivity of the sales team. For instance, contact management is a great feature that will work well with sales management software. It will allow sales reps to track and organize information related to customers, sales leads, and prospects.

A Final Word

In the end, Content Camel is a great choice for all businesses especially, small to medium-sized businesses. It will help organize your sales and marketing for sales success. The sales reps will be able to close a deal quickly because they can find the content they require. Though you cannot download it on your device, you still use it on the go. It is the best sales enablement software that will help improve sales performance.

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