How To Quickly Convert Youtube Videos To MP4

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the biggest video storage platform for searching and watching your favorite video. With the help of a YouTube converter for iPhone, you can get your favorite videos offline on your iDevice. It could be any music, funny, educational, or your favorite DIY videos.

However, you can only enjoy watching your favorite music videos or YouTubers without such a converter when you go online. 

It all seems convenient and doable until you are hampered with those unwanted ads in the beginning or in the middle of the video you are watching, or worst of all – you just lose your internet connection.

We know it gets annoying, especially when you are watching a video with your utmost attention.

That’s where the question arises in minds if this all can be ignored? The short answer is yes! 

With the help of this youtube video converter that we just talked about, you can convert and download any Youtube video you want to audio, video, or even ringtones to set on your iPhone. 

And that also with the ease of ringtones directly pushed into your iPhone! Amazing! 

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 or just SYC 2 lets you download and transfer any youtube video to your iPhone or iPad anytime you want without any hassle. Here are some simple steps to be followed:

Step 1. Install The Application

The installation part is a non-complex process that only takes about a few moments to have the app ready for you to use! 

You can download it from their website.

Also, you get a 24 hours free trial on your first download.

Step 2. Copy The Video’s URL You Want To Download

You can either use the app’s built-in browser to search out for the video you want to download or say you can not find the video that way (which is unlikely to happen). 

You want to be more specific – just open your browser search for your video, copy the URL above and paste it in the app’s search bar.

Once you copy the URL and go back to the app, a video icon will pop up on your screen; that way, you don’t even have to paste the URL into the bar, just click on it, and it will get you to the ‘download’ section!

Step 3. Choose The Video/Audio Quality

After you have dropped the URL in the search bar and found the video you want to be downloaded – add it to the queue, let the app analyze it, and after completion, you need to select the video quality in which you want to enjoy the video.

For the video quality, you are given options ranging from 360p to 2160p; choose the one you prefer and convert.

If you want the video downloaded as audio just select the option ‘convert to audio’, and for that, you can either download the audio in AAC or MP3.

This app doesn’t compromise on the video quality; you can literally select as high as 4K. 

Step 4. Convert And Transfer To Your iPhone

After choosing the video quality, simply select the device you want the video to be downloaded, be it on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 

Select one and click on download. Easy as that!

The conversion speed is exceptional, as it will only take seconds to convert a video to MP3 for your iDevice. You can even save a playlist altogether! 

Something Worth Mentioning

Although it is primarily used to convert and download videos from youtube, the story does not end here since it supports music libraries way beyond it. Along with youtube, SYC 2 supports media libraries like Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, DailyMotion, Facebook, Bandcamp – the list just goes on! WOW!

That being said, you can download any of the video, audio files and convert them into the iPhone-supported format from almost every platform!

Plus, the app comes in the simplest UI; everything is kept in front of you to navigate. Clear, simple, and straightforward.

Final Thoughts

If you are in for a simpler yet functional application that gets your job done without you having to do the hard work? Softornio Youtube Converter 2 (SYC 2) should get you there. 

No need to get tangled in the subtle conversion process and similar codecs. SYC 2 gets the job done while you just operate its simplest UI.

Finally, you can have all the videos converted into MP4 without any hassle, quality dropping, or any time is taken; just get the right app!


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