Useful Tips on Fixing Issues with Crashing Chrome on the Mac

Needless to say, it’s quite unpleasant when you are surfing the Internet but suddenly your browser crashes. If you are using Chrome on the Mac and experience those irritating issues when it starts crashing, our article is exactly for you! We have written it to help people solve problems with Chrome crashing and enjoy working on their devices without any unexpected issues.

Many people all over the world use Chrome, so it’s quite a popular browser. However, like any software, it has some issues – many users complain their browser is crashing on the Mac. But do not worry if you experience this problem because we know how to solve it without wasting a lot of time and nerves! Follow our detailed and simple guide that will help you to avoid crashing!

What Is the Reason for Crashing?

Many users want not only to get tips on solving the problem, but are interested in the reasons that caused this issue, and this is right. In fact, there are many reasons that can keep the Chrome browser freezing constantly on the Mac. It’s not common for many users, but some people report this problem from time to time. For every user, the process goes differently: some people click on the icon of the browser and it crashes, while others cannot load some pages or complain about non-working tabs.

You shouldn’t forget that like any other app, Chrome eats a lot of RAM, so if your device is low on RAM, this can be the main reason that causes it to crash. But maybe your Mac is fine with the amount of its RAM? Then, there could be some other issues you should check out to find the reason:

  • Make sure you don’t have any network problems on the Mac. In many cases, this problem may appear due to a network connection when it works improperly. So, you should check for Wi-Fi connection and if there are some issues, try to connect to another network or restart your router. Then check out if your browser works fine again.
  • Try to clear the browser’s data on the computer. Sometimes your browser cannot load pages or tabs just because the device is clogged with browsing data. Just open Chrome and delete browsing data. Then restart the browser and try it again.
  • Quit the browser and then just restart your device. Just try to Force Quit your frozen browser and then restart the computer. Sometimes it helps to fix the problem with browsers and other apps. You need to remember that it’s useful to restart the Mac from time to time just to prevent any problems with its apps.
  • Check out if you have installed all the updates for Chrome. Make sure you have the latest version of the program installed on your Mac. If not, then install all the needed updates and then restart your browser. Remember that you should install all the suggested updates on your device for its smoother and faster work.
  • View the browser’s extensions. Sometimes a bad browser’s extension can cause problems. Just try to enable each extension you have to check out which of them causes crashing. Remove the bad extensions after you have detected them.
  • Turn off Chrome hardware acceleration. Some people say it helps to prevent Chrome from crashing. You can find this option in Settings and disable it easily. Of course, there are no guarantees it will stop crashing but in some cases, it really helps.

You can try all the tips above to prevent your Chrome from crashing on the Mac. We hope that our useful article has helped you to avoid this unpleasant problem.

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