Creative and Unique Urban Marketing Campaigns

Urban marketing is a great starting point when developing an effective marketing strategy. It just requires creativity and skill, and you can reach lots of people without spending too much money. Therefore, creating eye-catching campaigns outdoors is an effective way to bring your brand to lots of people.

Here are some eye-catching urban marketing strategies you can use for your brand:

Decorating vehicles in unique ways 

You can decorate different kinds of vehicles inside and out to make people pay attention to your brand’s message. You can turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard that can reach a wide audience. Add magnets, decals, customized car signs, or vinyl lettering to make your message more eye-catching. Here are some other ideas for marketing on vehicles:

Car wraps

Displaying your message on a full vinyl wrap is a great way to gain attention. You can use various colors and imagery that match your logo and branding. Add lots of ways for people to contact you by providing a phone number, email address, and website.

Magnetic signs

You can also have magnetic signs that bear your logo, company name, website, and phone number. Add a tagline so potential customers will understand the nature of your business.

Rear-end advertising

You can also advertise at the back end of the vehicle as it’s the spot most likely visible especially when stuck in traffic. Make sure your website and phone numbers are clear and readable. You can also add offers like discounts to encourage people to contact you immediately.

QR codes

Add a Quick Response code to your vehicle so people can scan and learn more information about your business. You can also add a website address by the code for people who won’t be able to scan the code. 

Murals and street art 

It’s a good idea to be old school in this online age through wall art, posters or sidewalk chalk writing. This marketing strategy is especially effective for local businesses, but adapting this method can also work for anyone. The best part is that you can paint your brand on the side of a prominent building as long as you get a permit to do so beforehand. 

Another way that mural advertisements’ reach can be enhanced is through social media sharing. Over the past years, murals have been further promoted when people snap a photo and post it on their network. This can help expose the ad to more people online and in person.

Decorating street elements

This type of advertisement makes use of public street furniture to attract potential customers. Some examples include lamp post banners, manhole covers, benches, and plants. These will make people pay attention to the ads. These are effective as long as you stay within the law and no marketing material becomes litter. Here are some examples:

Lamppost banners

These are one of the most effective ways of outdoor advertising. They convey a message to very many people with only a minimal amount of text. With a good graphic design and marketing concept, this can be a perfect advertising campaign. Aside from being eye-catching and weather-resistant, lamp post banners require less space with a little budget.


Bench advertising is an effective way to promote your brand near bus stops and other urban areas. It’s one of the most public spaces, so this kind of advertising is an impactful way of promoting your business. 

Unusual sponsorships 

These are unique marketing strategies that you won’t find anywhere else. The secret is to be creative and capitalize on different opportunities. Some examples of unusual sponsorship are the following:

Sponsored livestreams

Live videos can have extensive reach and can provide brands an opportunity to engage with more audiences. You can also offer livestreams as a sponsorship package that can give brands more exposure.

Food and drink brand activation

You can offer brand activation via food delivery like company-branded drinks, restaurants, or mobile kitchens. You can also advertise on food boxes in events for a wider reach of audiences.

Photo booths and Instagram stations

Sponsors can donate a photo booth or an eye-catching backdrop for selfies that have branded signage. Add an event hashtag for more exposure on social media. 

There are lots of ways to be creative in advertising methods, and urban marketing is one of them. You can fully utilize works of art and promote your brand at the same time. It may be traditional, but it can also be promoted online so you’ll be able to reach a wider audience. As long as you ensure that all requirements are met and no litter is caused, this is a great way for continued exposure.

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