Best Cydia Screen Recorder iOS 11 No Jailbreak 2017

Here we will see some of the best Cydia Screen Recorders for iOS 11 in 2017 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Some of these iOS 11 Cydia Screen Recorders requires your iOS device to be jailbroken and some may not. I will let you know clearly which of these requires a jailbroken iOS device and to speak about the facts, Screen recording is becoming so popular and more and more users are trying to install Cydia screen recorder apps on their iPhone/iPad.

Do you ever think what you can do Screen Recorder Cydia apps on your brand new latest iOS 11, lets say, you may start making videos for YouTube or any other video sharing website, you may record the installation steps of any app, you may record any video that is playing on your screen etc. So, there are really many good reasons why you should choose to have a Screen Recorder Cydia app on iOS 11.

I have got the brand new and latest and most popular list of Cydia Screen Recorder tweaks that you can install on iOS 11 for free and without jailbreak.

Cydia Screen Recorders iOS 11 No Jailbreak

This is a list of iOS 11 compatible Cydia screen recording tweaks that you can install on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without jailbreak.

1. EveryCord Screen Recorder

EveryCord Screen Recorder is the updated version of iRec and the best alternative for AirShou, which was released recently for all the popular OS platforms iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This is compatible with the latest iOS 11 version and it is getting regular updates to fix bugs and to add extra features and to enhance User Interface. Its classic look attracts you to the extent that you wont think about any other screen Recorder app.


EveryCord Cydia Screen Recorder is a freeware and requires no jailbreak to install it. You can install videos of various resolutions and with different frames per second. If you want more details about EveryCord, you can get it here.

2. AirShou Screen Recorder

AirShou is the most popular Cydia screen recorder for iOS 11 and iOS 10 and iOS 9 too. As it was released as an updated version of Shou Screen Recorder, it needs no introduction as Shou was the best screen recorder before. To make it compatible with the latest iOS versions, it was updated and released as AirShou. With AirShou Cydia Screen Recorder, you can record HD videos with audio source as your iPhones microphone/external microphone.

AirShou iOS 11 Download
AirShou iOS 11 Download

I have posted a complete review and installation steps for AirShou here, and it requires no jailbreak to install. You can also try BB Rec Screen Recorderwhich is also one of the best screen recorder apps for iOS 11.

3. Vidyo Screen Recorder

Vidyo was first made available on App Store with a price tag of $4.99 and later it was removed and users are now able to install Vidyo for free from Emus4u which is a tweak store for iOS. If you want a detailed information about Vidyo Screen Recorder app, you can get it from here.


Again, it wont requires jailbreak. It has got the best user interface and many options to chose from. With Vidyo you can record videos with audio and you can actually add a commentary audio to the already existence videos. It has got the trim feature and you can also import videos from Camera Roll to Vidyo Recordings.

4. Display Recorder Screen Recorder

Display Recorder Screen Recorder is a Cydia Screen Recorder tweak which is available from Cydia Store for jailbroken iOS devices. It was developed by Ryan Petrich. Its features include:

  • Optionally records mic audio
  • Adjustable frame rate & Quality Settings
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding
  • Activator integration for quick access
  • Record videos at different rotations and frame rates.

Users need to purchase this best Screen recorder Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo. This Cydia tweak is compatible with the latest iOS 11 platform. Again, it requires a jailbroken iOS device.

5. CCRecord Screen Recorder for iOS

CCRecord Screen Recorder Cydia Tweak was recently released in Cydia Store which supports screen recording on iOS 10 and iOS 11. Once you install this tweak, it will be very easy for you to record videos as it will be added right to your control center, just swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device and tap on CCRecord icon to start/stop the recording.


CCRecord Cydia tweak requires a jailbroken iOS device and it is available from BigBoss Repo.

These are the best Cydia Screen Recorder apps for iOS 11 which brings screen recording feature to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. There are other Cydia screen recording apps like AntRec HD Screen Recorder, AceThinker Screen Recorder etc. which are available from Cydia Store. If you have any other Screen Recorder Cydia Tweaks, please let us know in the comments below.

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