CyDown Not Working, CyDown Unsupported URL error

Here we will see about CyDown not working, CyDown error Unsupported URL and CyDown error bad response from server errors and how we can fix few of the most common CyDown errors that you may get while installing CyDown tweak from Cydia.

If you try to install CyDown tweak, for some users CyDown not working on iOS 10.2, 10, iOS 9 after installing it, some may get CyDown Unsupported URL error while installing some tweaks and users are getting CyDown error bad response from server when trying to install tweaks sometimes. So, if CyDown tweak is not working or if CyDown is not installing or not downloading paid tweaks, the first thing that you have to do is to give it time and try again after 1-2 days. I noticed before that if you wait for 1-2 days, then you are able to download the unsupported URL tweak after all.


As we know that CyDown is the best Cydia tweak to install paid Cydia tweaks for free on your jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, we really should fix all the CyDown errors to continue to install jailbreak tweaks.Even if you get CyDown request timeout error while downloading paid tweaks, this is similar to the error “bad response from server” as you are not getting response from server and there is no wrong from CyDown.

CyDown not working, CyDown Unsupported URL error – Fix

Follow below steps to fix CyDown not working on iOS 9, 10, 10.2/CyDown Unsupported URL error/CyDown error bad response from server.

  • Remove Cydia from your App Switcher/Multitasking list.
  • Install the previous version of Cydia from your current one using iFile. (ex: I currently have version 1.1.28 of Cydia. I will then have to download version 1.1.27 of Cydia)

Note: I believe CyDown no longer requires Cydia Enable. Its been updated to work without it. The “Enable” feature has been added to CyDown itself, so once installed open it up and click Enable. It should work after that.

  • Once it has been downloaded, go into Cydia and the sources tab. It doesnt matter if your sources and tweaks are missing.
  • Add this repo:
  • After adding the source, click the button that lets you force delete CyDown. During the process, it will also update Cydia Installer to the latest version.
  • After everything is finished, you will need to restart the springboard.
  • After that, go back into Cydia. All your sources and tweaks should be back. Now, you can install the latest version of CyDown from the source without any errors!
  • If this happens again, just follow the same procedure.

Please comment below if you are facing any issues or if you are not able to download paid tweaks with CyDown. If you find a new error, just post it here so that other people can reply you with the solutions. Thank you.

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