How To Earn Extra Money Using Technology From The Comfort Of Home

The pandemic revealed that working from home and earning from home is very possible. The elimination of a commute can save so much stress and time for certain individuals. Earning supplemental income can help a person climb out of debt or create an emergency fund. Don’t underestimate the beauty of remote work as this could be something you enjoy more than you’d think. The following are ways you can take advantage of technology to earn from home.

Testing Applications

Testing applications is something that needs to be done so a release goes as smoothly as possible. An immediate update that needs to be made does not look good for the company developing an application or software. Finding bugs might be something you are great at and can profit off of. Putting together a resume of products you have tested within the agreement you made with those companies can be wise.

Freelance Writing/Web Design

Web design and development skills are going to continue to earn people money from home. You need to continue to hone your skills and learn new ones as the industry is constantly developing. Creating great websites for companies with SEO best practices kept in mind can be something that stays in demand for decades.

Freelance writing takes a number of forms as even videos need scripts to be written. Even if scripts are not written there needs to be a structure established by creators. Writing articles and product descriptions for companies will continue to be popular. A company might not have work for a full-time writer but could use your services a few times a week or month. Setting your own schedule is a huge bonus with this gig as you can have an average turnaround time established. Rush projects can be more expensive to a client but can allow you to make more off of the same amount of work.

Investing In Domain Names

Domain names can be very profitable depending on your circumstance. Purchasing a domain of a name that could be of an unknown product could be worth 6 figures in the future. Finding a domain brokerage that can assess the value of your domain is important. If you have had a website that has had good amounts of traffic, you might be able to sell this for quite a bit. Other companies and brands are always looking for domains on certain topics that have a readership. Traffic is so valuable in today’s world when it comes from organic search results for a popular phrase.

Product Testing Focus Groups

The number of companies that are willing to send products for people to do paid reviews is immense. Finding the platforms that can provide the most in terms of projects is best. You can earn hundreds of dollars in the form of prepaid debit cards, checks, and online payments. You are going to have to answer the phone for a screening in most cases. Earning $150 for an hour of your time can be immensely useful when you were just relaxing anyway. You might even get to do an online video panel about new ad campaigns for entities like insurance companies or financial institutions.

Testing tech products can be very profitable as testers are always needed. If you own a small business, you might test a small business accounting platform and get paid for it. You could also be offered a discounted rate to use the tool with no obligation.

Buying And Reselling Products

Gong to a discount clothing store and finding a great deal can be very profitable. You can easily look up how much certain items are selling for online. You can then invest in a large number of the products and sell them online for a marked-up price. Classic video games from certain systems can be picked up at flea markets and flipped for a great profit. Sports cards are also looking to gain value in the next decade if you are looking for a long-term investment.

You don’t even need an inventory to sell online as you can participate in dropshipping. The practice of dropshipping is when you sell for a wholesaler and then handle shipping. You do your own marketing and price the products as you see fit. Finding a few items that sell consistently can provide quite a bit of income. Earning money from home using technology can take so many forms. You need to find something that plays to your strengths to earn. Be honest with your abilities as you might make a great freelance writer but are a subpar web designer at best. You can always develop your skills through courses, projects, and paid work.

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