5 Best Ways To Increase Engagement Of Your Instagram Profile

Instagram engagement is all about interacting and connecting with your target audience. Without enough engagement on Instagram, you are just talking to an empty room.

It isn’t very difficult to increase engagement on Instagram and once you follow the right techniques, it is a piece of cake.

Many marketers opt to buy Instagram auto likes to boost Instagram engagement rate. But several organic methods can also help you achieve your goals.

Keeping an eye on your Instagram engagement not only helps in seeing whether your social media marketing efforts are successful but guides you towards building deeper connections with your audience also. For small businesses, this connection could make all the difference.

Instagram engagement is more profound than simply looking at your follower count. It measures how your followers and audience are interacting with your content.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 best ways to increase engagement on your Instagram profile.

1. Experiment with different content types

Instagram allows you to share content on the platform in many formats such as single-image posts, IGTV, carousel posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels. Varying your post formats gives you a chance to observe with which type of content your audience engages most often.

Studies show that carousel posts bear the highest engagement rates among all post types. Particularly for posts that include a mixture of images and videos.

There is an Instagram marketing principle that states, “what works for other brands might not work for you.” So, do not treat engagement studies as law. Think of it this way- If you run a dance studio, what do you think will be more likely to get potential dancers excited? Will still images in a carousel post be a better option or an IGTV of a killer dance routine choreographed by you?

That is why going through your Instagram insights is necessary to know which type of content is working for you and make similar kinds of posts in the future.

2. Look beyond likes

It is tempting to focus on gaining likes, but it is not the only Instagram engagement metric to look at.

Previously, on Instagram, the content was measured on the basis of likes and followers but now you need to think about your saves and shares too.

Meaning of different Instagram engagement metrics for the Instagram algorithm:

Likes- Likes are somewhat passive. People don’t even read the content sometimes, they simply double-tap and move on to the other post. Although you can even buy instagram likes for your posts. 

Comments- Comments mean, people are willingly engaging with your content and genuinely liking your post.

Shares- Shares mean, people liked your content and want others to see it too.

Saves- Saves mean that the content is too good to be not visited again in the future.

Many brands make a common mistake of ignoring Shares and Save as they aren’t visible to the public. For them, what is the benefit of engagement if they can’t show off? Saves and shares not only let you know who really cares about your posts, but they tell Instagram, too. Instagram’s algorithm observes who saves and shares your posts. Then, it makes sure that your posts show up in such relevant viewers’ Instagram feeds more often.

3. Initiate conversations

Don’t just toss your content onto your Instagram profile and expect it to be showered with praise. Give people opportunities to have interactions with you.

Include questions or Call to Action (CTA) in your posts to encourage people to comment and take action. Remember that you are posting content for human beings, and they love to be heard. Posing questions in your post image or caption is a great way to start a conversation with your audience. Just make sure you reply back. Respond to all the comments and DMs as you would do to calls to your business.

Initiating conversations with your audience is a crucial step to encourage people to visit your profile and increase traffic over there.

4. Use Instagram’s interactive features

Instagram offers various interactive features and tools that can help you communicate with your audience. You can use Instagram Stickers in your Stories. Stickers such as polls, questions, sliding scales, quizzes, event timers, invite your fans to engage with you and your content.

What’s great about Instagram Stickers? Well, for starters, it takes only a single second to rate a cute dog photo with maximum hearts, someone to vote in a poll, answer a question, etc. All these quick actions encourage people to interact with you, know more about you and your brand. It also helps you know about your audience’s interests too.

5. Be consistent

The Instagram algorithm rewards active users, so posting frequently will definitely help your content to get in front of more people. Well, this doesn’t imply that you spam your followers’ feeds. Just post 2-3 times a day with valuable content. Know your best time to post by going through your Instagram Insights.

As a business, it’s your job to post every day to remain before your audience’s eyes. If someone decides to follow you on Instagram, it is because they want to see your content.

Posting consistently helps in fueling up your Instagram engagement. When users interact with your posts, it signals the Instagram algorithm to show your content to those people more often.


We hope these tips benefit you in increasing the engagement of your Instagram profile.

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