Fix Playbox Movie Loading Problem – An unknown error occurred (-12668) Please try other stream

What else can be so irritating if you get an error on your iPhone/iPad when you wish to watch your favorite movies on PlayBox? I know that PlayBox offers its users with best videos and movies every time and because of this reason, PlayBox is the best entertainment app available. Sometimes you may get the error Movie Loading Problem An unknown error occurred (-12668) Please try other stream when you try to watch any movie. The error doesn’t mean that PlayBox cant play this video, it simply means that PlayBox is unable to load that particular stream. If you one among the people who are getting this error when you play any Movie/Video then I will provide you with a small workaround using which you can sort out the issue.


You might be getting a few other errors with PlayBox and what you can do is, you can let us know the error via comments below. If it can be resolved, I will reply to you with a possible workaround. Without deviating from our discussion, I would like to discuss the workaround here. As I said, the error is because of the stream that you are trying to play. Please be informed that there are other streams available for the same video that you are trying to watch. To say explicitly, I mean there are other resolutions of the same video like 720p, 1080p, 360p, etc. If you are getting error for one stream then try to play another stream and from the error Movie Loading Problem An unknown error occurred (-12668) Please try another stream it is clear that there is an issue with that particular stream. Here is the step by step instructions to do that.

Fix Movie loading problem/Please try other stream error in PlayBox

  • Launch PlayBox app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Play the video for which you are getting Movie Loading Problem error/ please try other stream error.
  • When you see the error prompt, just tap on OK.


  • Now, tap on 720p which you see on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the next screen you will see a lot of other resolutions/streams of the same movie. Now choose a different resolution and if you still see the same error, then simply choose other lower resolutions.


  • Most of the videos for which you are getting this error will be available with the same resolution, if in case it is not available then choose lower resolutions and this will solve your issue.

This is how we can fix the movie loading error in PlayBox on iPhone/iPad. Hope that with the above trick you can fix that issue and start watching your favorite movies on PlayBox.


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