FlekStore iOS 11 Download – FlekStore 3.0 for iOS 11 No Jailbreak

FlekStore iOS 11 Download: FlekStore 3.0 is a third party iOS App Store to install some of the best gaming emulators, Movie Streaming Apps, Cydia Alternatives and other useful tweaked apps without jailbreak. FlekStore 3.0 for iOS 11 was released as an update to FlekStore 2.2 version which you can now install on your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Try FlekStore 3.0 iOS 11 App to install your favorite gaming emulators like GBA4iOS 2.1, iNDS, Provenance8, Happy Chick Emulator etc. The hacked version of Pokemon Go is available in FlekStore 3.0 for free. For the recent released iOS 11, FlekStore is the best source to install tweaked apps and screen recording apps like Vidyo, AirShou etc. Here I will let you know the procedure of FlekStore iOS 11 Download for iPhone/iPad/iPod Without jailbreak.

FlekStore for iOS 11
FlekStore for iOS 11

The simple and elegant user interface, the new FlekStore 3.0 can be installed without much difficulty. With other alternatives around like Emu4iOS, Hackz4iOS, TweakBox around, FlekStore always stands ahead as the most trusted source to install Tweaked Apps and other paid apps without jailbreak. You should try FlekStore for iOS 11 to explore its features and user interface. The Tweaks section will attracts you more in FlekStore 3.0 which includes other Cydia alternatives like Hack Market, Mojo Installer, iNoJB, HipStore, vShare and iOSEmus etc. to install paid apps and Jailbreak apps without jailbreaking. We will see the procedure to Download FlekStore 3.0 iOS 11 App after letting you know the best features of FlekStore 3.0.

FlekStore 3.0 iOS 11 App – Best Features

  • FlekStore is compatible to all the latest iOS versions on all the recent iOS devices.
  • All the apps are safe to use.
  • It has got the best user interface so that even an average user can easily use it.
  • All the apps are categorized and the tweaked apps section includes other Cydia alternatives.
  • You can install all the apps without jailbreak and without paying anything.

FlekStore for iOS 11 – Download FlekStore iOS 11 No jailbreak

FlekStore iOS 11 Install: The procedure to install FlekStore for iOS 11 is quite straight forward as I hope that you were used to these kind of procedures to install third party iOS Apps these days from various sources. But to make it simple and clear, I would like to provide you step by step procedure to install FlekStore for iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

  • Launch Safari and visit http://flekstore.com/ from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device.
  • Once after the page is completely loaded, you will see FlekStore 3.0 which is the latest version of FlekStore which you can install on iOS 11.
  • Tap on Install button and wait for the pop up for confirmation. When asked, tap on install option.
FlekStore iOS 11
FlekStore iOS 11
  • Proceed to tap on Install button on the top right corner of the screen to install the profile of FlekStore 3.0 App.
FlekStore iOS 11 Download
FlekStore iOS 11 Download
  • Once after the Profile is installed, tap on Done button.
  • Now go to home screen and here you will see that FlekStore is installing, once the installation is completed, tap on FlekStore icon to launch the app.
  • Now you can install all your favorite tweaked apps on your iOS 11 device without jailbreak.

This is how we can install FlekStore 3.0 for iOS 11. You can load all the apps for your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak and for free. So, quickly grab this app for your iOS device and install all the best iOS Apps for free. Once after installing any app, you need to go to Settings -> General ->Profiles & Device Management and Trust the profile of the App, only then you will be able to launch the app on your iOS device.

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