10 Must-Have Cool Gadgets for Life On-The-Go

Many of us lead increasingly hectic lifestyles, meaning we barely have time to even pause for a breath. Even with life moving at such a breakneck speed, these 10 cool gadgets will undoubtedly help you make the most of that limited time.

1. Power Adapter

Nowadays, we keep everything on our phones – from rail tickets to boarding passes. A dead battery can often spell disaster. Ensuring you have a power bank or charger on you is pretty much essential if you’re out all day. Money Saving Expert has some fantastic advice on how you can keep powered up without breaking the bank.

2. Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The morning commute may seem like a slog, but the miracle of headphones means that you can have some time to yourself. Or maybe the opposite is true and you need some good headphones for the next Zoom meeting. Fewer wires equal fewer tangles, so wireless headphones are a must-have.

3. Smartwatch

To put it simply, there’s a reason they’re called smartwatches. You can tailor the watch to your own needs, whether you want to track your steps, your heart rate, make a call, set a reminder, or simply look the part. Best of all, there are a variety of smartwatches for men and women for you to choose from.

4. FitBit

A FitBit has you covered if fitness is the only goal. From heart rates to an EDA sensor to monitor stress, FitBits are some of the most advanced fitness and health trackers.

5. Sony Neckband Speaker

If you’re someone that’s often taking phone calls, the neckband speaker might be ideal for you. Sitting around your neck saves having to hold a phone to your ears all the time, giving your arms some much-needed rest.

6. Wallet

It may not be a gadget in the sense of the other items on this list, but a slim wallet can make a huge difference to your day. Say goodbye to the chunky wallet that you struggle to lift from your pockets, and make way for something slimmer and sleeker.

7. Electric Bicycle

Given the environmental challenges we face, cycling seems to be the way to go. Sometimes we don’t feel like hopping on public transport, so a fold-away electric bike that helps you up those steep hills can reduce your reliance on it for good.

8. Litra Glow

Zoom and Skype calls are becoming increasingly necessary within a more hybrid working model, and with the Litra Glow, you can look your best. Simply place it above the camera, and the sensors will adjust to the light’s brightness to adapt to different skin tones.

9. Furbo Dog Camera

Leaving our dogs behind is often the hardest part of any morning. Now you can keep an eye on them from your phone! You can receive push notifications if your dog is upset, and even calm them down with your most soothing voice.

10. Oral B IO Toothbrush

Paying over £200 for a toothbrush may seem crazy, but this new toothbrush from Oral B is packed with all kinds of technology. From sensors that track the brushes movement and tell you areas you’ve missed, to separate modes like Intense Clean or something gentler for sensitive teeth, chances are you’ll never go back to analogue brushing. 


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