GC4iOS Emulator Download No Jailbreak

GC4iOS Download No Jailbreak: GC4iOS Emulator is an iOS emulator to play GameCube or Wii games on your iPhone/iPad. Here we will see how to get GC4iOS GameCube emulator for iOS 10, 10.3, 10.3.2 without the need of jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

GC4iOS Download No Jailbreak
GC4iOS Download No Jailbreak

You have to Download GC4iOS iPA file to install it or to say, you need to sideload GC4iOS Cydia iOS emulator to your iPhone with the help of Cydia Impactor. You need a Windows PC or Mac Computer to do this as you have to run Cydia Impactor tool on your Windows/Mac Computer. So, Installation of GC4iOS without computer is not possible as we don’t have direct installation method available. Once after the installation, you can download your favorite GC4iOS ROMs from websites like Emuparadise. Please be aware of the fact that GC4iOS only support 64 bit devices only and the RAM should be 2GB. Let’s see how to Download and install GC4iOS emulator for iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

GC4iOS Emulator Free Download No jailbreak

  • You should download the iPA file of GC4iOS before proceeding further, below is the GC4iOS download link.

GC4iOS iPA free downloadGC4iOS iPA

  • If you want to install GC4iOS on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, you can download GC4iOS from Cydia.
  • Now you have got GC4iOS iPA file with you and now the only thing that is remaining is to sideload the iPA file to your iPhone/iPad. Do you really wonder how to do that? Here is the way to do that, How to sideload iPA files from Windows/Mac to iPhone/iPad using Cydia Impactor.
  • Now GC4iOS will have installed on your iPhone/iPad, before going to launch the emulator, you should trust the profile that you have used to install GC4iOS App. for that go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and tap on the profile that you have used to install GC4iOS iPA file and Trust the certificate of GC4iOS. Only then your iOS device will allow GC4iOS to run.
  • Now just go back to home screen and tap on GC4iOS emulator to launch the app.

That’s the simple procedure to install GC4iOS emulator on iOS 10/10.3/10.3.2 without jailbreak. There is a common problem from GC4iOS users that GC4iOS is crashing and not working on some iOS devices. Please make sure that you are installing GC4iOS on 64 bit iOS devices. Please let us know any errors in case if you encounter while installation in the comments section below.

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