How to Ensure Your Google Ads Succeed

If you have a website, how do you get more users to click through and explore it? Google Ads appear at the top of search results, which is crucial when the top five links on the Google search results page receive two-thirds clicks. However, taking out an ad doesn’t guarantee clicks and certainly doesn’t mean you’ll see a spike in sales. Here are three ways to help ensure your Google Ads are successful.

Know What You’re Aiming For

Google AdWords works best when you have a clear set of goals that you’re aiming for. You need to know exactly how many site visitors you want, what your conversion rate should be, and how much turnover you expect to be making. If you don’t have these targets clarified, how can you know whether your marketing campaigns have succeeded?

Paid ads have a huge impact on users, with 90% saying a paid ad has influenced their purchasing decisions. However, a poorly-made ad is just throwing money down the drain. You need to set realistic and measurable targets to know what a successful campaign looks like. Then you can make tweaks to get closer to your goals.

Do Ongoing Tests and Analyses 

Once an ad is live, you need to test it. Is it coming up in the search results? If not, then you need to think about how to optimize it. Once you’re happy with the ad, you need to look at the data and conduct analyses. This is your chance to see whether the ad worked. Have site visits increased? If so, has this led to an increase in conversions?

Essentially, you’re checking whether you met the goals you set for yourself before making the Google Ad. If you have, then great. However, you need to set your heights higher and aim for more ambitious goals. If you failed to hit them in the first place, then reassess and see where you can do better.

Get Help from the Experts

While you can certainly learn some of the concepts Google algorithms require, you’re probably too busy to understand them in depth. That’s why successful AdWord campaigns rely on the help of experts. Use the accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and expertise for a living full-time.

Start by searching online for an Adwords agency and enquiring about their services. Find out how they can help you implement a strategy that works. If you’re not confident in analyzing the data that Google gathers, then let an expert do it for you. You’ll still have close control over the campaign but with the help of those who know what they’re doing.

Google Ads are a great way to bring more traffic to your website and ensure that you continue growing your business. However, they aren’t always successful. Make sure you’re setting realistic goals and then analyzing to check whether you’ve hit your targets. If in doubt, always reach out to Adwords experts who can help you.


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