How to Buy Web Hosting for WordPress Website from GoDaddy

This is a continuum of the previous post on how to buy a new domain name form GoDaddy for a new WordPress Website, here we will see how to buy Web Hosting for WordPress Website from GoDaddy. By this time you are ready with a domain name and you are two steps away to launch your own website on internet. Choosing a domain name is much easier and the real trick is here while choosing Web Hosting for your Website. But for a newbie as I mentioned in my previous post on How to start a new wordpress website from GoDaddy, the Starter plan is sufficient. If you are buying a website for your business then I suggest you to go with Economy Plan as it offers almost three times more resources for double the amount of Starter plan.

How to buy Web Hosting from Godaddy
How to buy Web Hosting from Godaddy

How to Buy Web Hosting for WordPress Websitefrom GoDaddy

To start buying Web Hosting for wordpress website, click on Hosting -> Web Hosting option on the home Screen and it will take you to the page where you can choose your Web Hosting Plan. Scroll down to see all the available plans Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Choose your Plan of Web Hosting for WordPress site which is more suitable to you.

Choose Starter Plan
Choose Starter Plan

As I suggesting Choose Starter Plan and click on Add to Cart. In the next screen Choose Starter Plan for 12 months and without checking anything scroll down to the end of the page and click on Continue to proceed with the checkout page. The reason for which I am suggesting you to choose Starter plan is very obvious,

Choose Starter plan for twelve months
Choose Starter plan for 12 months

The cost of Web Hosting is bit high compared to the domain name, but for the next twelve months you no need to pay anything for Hosting. After 12 months you need to renewal the Web Hosting of your website to continue to use the website. If you want you can choose 24 or 36 months but for a newbie its better to choose 12 months and click on Proceed to Checkout for payment options. After the payment you are ready with

Now you are ready with the Web Hosting for the new domain name you have bought and you are almost done with starting your new website. The steps that are yet to do is to associate the Web Hosting with the new Domain Name and to install WordPress for your new website. To check out How to associate Domain Name and Web Hosting for a new wordpress blog and how to install WordPress for your website Read our complete guide on How to Associate Domain Name with Web Hosting in GoDaddy and How to Install WordPress for your New Website.

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