How to Change Language to English on Mi TV 4/4A

Today, I will let you know how to change language to English on Mi TV 4, 4A running on Patchwall OS. Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4 are the recent Smart TVs from Xiaomi which are the worlds thinnest smart TVs available in the market. When you buy these smart TVs in countries other than India, you will get Chinese as the default language. When you first plug-in and power on the TV, you will see Mi logo and then it will take to take start up initially. Once the TV is turned ON, you will see all the apps, menus etc. in Chinese language. So, how to setup English language in Mi TV 4A or Mi TV 4 ? Here in this tutorial we will see how to change language from Chinese to English in Mi Smart TVs.

Change Language to English on Mi TV 4A

When you buy Mi TV 4A Smart TV from GearBest, you will see a link in Product Description. The link is to an Android Apk called StartSetting, using which you can change language from Chinese to English in Mi TV 4/4A. But, how to actually install StartSetting Apk on Mi Smart TV? This is similar to Android OS, as Mi TV 4/4A are running on Patchwall OS which is the customized version of Android 6.0. Even though the UI looks different, to the core, Patchwall is based on Android OS. Patchwall supports installation of Android Apps.

How to Enable Unknown sources on Mi TV 4/4A Patchwall

It is necessary to enable unknown sources on Mi TV 4/4A to install third party apps. To do that you have to do a few changes in your TV settings. As all the settings are in Chinese language, I will tell you in simple English left-right buttons.

In the MI TVs that are available in India, Mi TV 4/4A are in English language by default but it is not the case in USA, at least for now. To Enable Unknown Sources in Mi TV 4/4A smart TVs, follow below steps:

  • Click on Settings App icon on the home screen and then click on Security icon. Below are the icons.
Settings option
Security option
  • Here you can find Unknown Sources option, Here I am giving you the screenshot in English, click the corresponding option that you will see in Chinese. It is the second option in the menu.
Enable Unknown Sources
  • Then you have to select Allow, after clicking on Unknown Sources, you will see a pop up window, select the left button which is “Allow“. Now you have enabled Unknown Sources on Mi TV 4A/4.

Note: Here I am providing you images which are already in English just to make you understand the options, it will be really difficult to say choose the first option on the left side etc.. I hope you find it easy.

How to change Language to English on Mi TV 4, Mi TV 4A

To change language from Chinese to English you have to install StartSetting Apk file, here is the download link for StartSetting Apk.

StartSetting Apk Download

  • Download this Apk file and copy it to your Pendrive or USB drive.
  • Connect USB drive to Mi TV 4/4A.
  • Open USB Drive on TV and click on StartSetting Apk file.
startsetting apk install
  • Click on Install button, which is the left button in the pop up window. Once it is installed, click on Open button which is the right button in popup window.
  • Now in StartSetting App, go to the third section which is Section Personal. In that select second option on the right side which is Language & Input.
Change Language to English
  • Under Language & Input, click on first option which is Language.
  • Under Language you can find English language, select that and come out of it.
  • Now you can see all the options in SartSetting app in English. All the settings are nearly same as the settings that you will see in Android. Now come to home screen, here you will see not all options, but most of the options are changed to English.

Now you have Enabled Unknown Sources on Mi TV 4/4A and changed language from Chinese to English.

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