How to Configure Dahua DVR for Remote Viewing

Here in this article we will see how to configure Dahua DVR for Remote Viewing. Dahua Technology is a provider of video surveillance devices like NVR, DVR, IP Cameras PTZ Cameras etc. When you bought a DVR for remote surveillance, you should know how to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing. This tutorial will be helpful for those who wish to setup a Dahua DVR on their own or may be for troubleshooting intermittent issues with your DVR.

how to setup Dahua DVR for remote viewing

Power ON and Boot up the DVR

  • Our first step to configure a DVR is to power it ON, to ensure our DVR safety, make sure that you connect power adapter first to the DVR and then connect the Adapter to Power Socket.
  • Now press Power ON button for about 3 sec and release the button. Now you can observe that your DVR is powered ON.

Now to boot up your DVR, follow below steps:

  • Make sure that you have a Monitor, a Mouse and a HDMI cable to connect from DVR to Monitor.
  • Connect your Dahua DVR to Monitor and then connect Mouse to it.
  • Now connect Power cable to the DVR and power it ON.
  • Press Power button on DVR for 3 sec and release it, now your DVR will boot up.
  • By default, once your DVR is booted up, it will be in multi-channel display mode.

How to Configure Dahua DVR for Remote Viewing

Once the device is booted up, you will see a startup wizard on the monitor screen. This Wizard will have three options, Smart Add, Next and Cancel. Click on Next button and you will need to authenticate before setting up anything, system will go to login screen for authentication. So, you need to authenticate before you do any changes to your DVR.

DVR Setup-1

By default there will be four users in your DVR, admin, 888888, 666666, and default. and the passwords are same as the username. But there is a difference in the privileges for each user.

  • admin – administrator account, can be accessible both locally and through network.
  • 888888 – administrator, local only
  • 666666 – Less privileged user, will have permissions only to monitor, playback and backup.
  • default – This account is a system account used by DVR for interior use. When there is no user logged in to the DVR, this default account will login automatically and you can adjust privileges for this default account so that you can view some channel DVR feed on monitor without login. This default account cant be deleted as this a system account.

Note: It is advisable to reset the password of your admin account once after you login for the first time. Please be aware that the DVR will generate system alarm if you enter the password incorrectly for three times and the account will be locked if you enter incorrect password for five times.

DVR Setup-2
  • Once after authenticating with admin/888888 account, you will see General Menu, click on Next button, now you will see Network Settings screen. Here, you can manually enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS. This network configuration will help you to connect to Dahua DVR from Android mobile/iPhone/Windows PC/Mac remotely. We will see complete network configuration in upcoming articles.
DVR Setup-3
  • Click on Next button, you can see Remote device interface.
  • Click on Next to go to Schedule interface. Now click on Finish button and then on OK button to finish the startup.
  • You can change all of these settings anytime you want from Right Click -> Main Menu -> System -> General menu. Here you can change/edit all the settings that you have just configured.

This is how we can setup a DVR at first boot. You can edit/change all the settings from Main Menu. In the later posts I will let you know how we can set up networking in DVR for remote connectivity from Internet.


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