How to download WhatsApp on Amazon Fire HD 10, 8 tablet

WhatsApp for Amazon Fire HD Free Download – I have seen many users asking “can you use WhatsApp on a Kindle Fire HD tablets?“, for all those who has this question in their minds, the answer is “Yes“. We can download WhatsApp for Kindle Fire HD 7, 8, 10 using simple method, we will discuss that procedure here.

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app available for all the popular OS Platforms like Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. With its simple and lite design, elegant user interface, security features, ability to send attachments, voice calling, video calling etc. it has become the leader of Instant messaging apps and it has set a standard for apps of its kind. It is a known fact that WhatsApp is not supported for tablet devices, and there is no limitation that we can’t install WhatsApp on tablet devices running on Android OS or Android supported OSes. Amazon Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet is of one of the popular tablet devices available in the market, it runs on Fire OS which is a customized version of Android.

WhatsApp for Kindle Fire HD tablet
WhatsApp for Kindle Fire HD tablet

Technically to speak, different versions of Fire OS is based on different versions of Android, like the recent Fire OS is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop released in January, 2018. It’s next major version Fire OS is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, so technically we can install all Android Apps on Fire OS running devices like our Amazon Kindle Fire tablets or Fire HD tablets. Here we will see how to install WhatsApp for Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

WhatsApp for Kindle Fire HD 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10

If you want to install WhatsApp on Amazon Fire HD 8, 10, you have to enable Unknown Sources option first on your Fire HD tablet. If you have already enabled, you can just skip these steps, if not please follow below steps to enable both of them.

  • Press Menu icon -> then tap on Settings.
  • Select Security option which is in the recent Fire OS versions (4.0+), if you are using earlier Fire OS versions, then tap on Applications.
  • Now scroll down until you see Unknown Sources option. If you enable this option, you will be able to install Apps from Unknown Sources, other than Amazon App Store.

Once you have enable Unknown Sources option on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet, follow below steps to Install WhatsApp for Kindle Fire HD 8, 10 tablet.

How to Install WhatsApp on Amazon Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10

This procedure works to install WhatsApp on Amazon Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, Fire HDX 7, Fire HDX 8.9, Kindle paperwhite etc. Officially WhatsApp Apk supports Android OS 2.3.3 or higher, almost all Fire OS versions were built using Android OS 2.3 or higher. So, technically we can install WhatsApp on all Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and Fire HD, Fire HDX tablets without an issue. Let’s see how to install WhatsApp on Amazon Fire tablets.

  • Download latest WhatsApp apk from WhatsApp official website using the given direct link to WhatsApp site.

Download WhatsApp for Fire HD 8, 10

  • Tap on Download IT Now button to start downloading WhatsApp.
  • When asked for confirmation, tap on Download button again.
  • Once the Download is finished, you will get an option to open the downloaded WhatsApp Apk file. Tap on Open option.
  • If you have already enabled Unknown Sources option, this will take you to WhatsApp App installation screen. Tap on Install button.
  • Wait until the installation is completed, and then tap on Open button once the app is installed to launch WhatsApp on Fire HD 10, 8 and Kindle Fire tablets.

Now, you have to setup WhatsApp and verify with your Phone number in-order to use it. I hope that you are already aware of the procedure to configure WhatsApp. Please let us know if you are facing issues to install WhatsApp on your Amazon Fire HD tablet in comments below.

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  1. I have a Fire HD8 tablet. Your instructions seem clear on how to prep, download, and install Whatsapp. Lastly you say – setup WhatsApp and verify with your Phone number in-order to use it. I have a phone number but do not have a smart phone. Will Whatsapp work on my tablet without such a phone?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, just you need to verify the phone number right. You can verify Phone number even if you don’t have a Smart Phone. Install WhatsApp on your Fire HD8 tablet and while verification, you will receive OTP to the phone which has the SIM.

      1. I have Whatsapp on my tablet and took care of the verification number via my dumb cell phone. But now I cannot find any way to enter names and numbers for contacts, so I cannot use Whatsapp.

  2. When I’m conected on the table t on My iPhone it unstalls it self. I wAnt it to work on my iPhone and table t at the dame time

    1. Same here… When it’s i stalled on my tablet it automatically uninstall the app from my iphone… Any suggestions?

      1. Hi Dora,

        You can have only one WhatsApp account with one Phone number. If you want two WhatsApp Accounts one each on your Phone and Fire HD tablet, then you should use two different Phone numbers.

    2. Hi Lizzbeth,

      It will not, as you will have only one account on one device with one Phone number. If you want two WhatsApp accounts, you need two Phone numbers.

  3. I want WhatsApp on my tablet, as well as cell phone. Can I use my landline as the second phone for verification. Will the site leave a voice mail mes5sage w with the verification code?

    1. When I try to download Whatsapp from the link in your page it’s won’t download. Any ideas why? On the App store on my Fire it doesn’t recognise itself as a possible device……..???

  4. I have followed the download process and when finished the app says @currently unavailable.
    I live in Spain….does that matter?

  5. I also download and install what’s app to Amazon fire kindle 8 hd. After I open the app it say “device not currently supported” I press OK then it ask for my phone number. My ?’s are Will it work on my tablet even though the message said it wont? Can I get a phone number from Google to use different from my landline and cell? TIA

  6. Works but removes access from the cell phone that also has app. Doesn’t work the same as loading into a Windows laptop which allows it to run side by side with your phone. Disappointed 😞

  7. I was going to download WhatsApp on my amazon fire tablet and I got a message to say it might harm my device. Is this true?

  8. I tried all the steps you suggested, but I was not able to download WhatsApp. This stupid fire8 we bought it mainly to use it with Whatsapp, I even researched the the apps it said was supported before buying it and it showed Whatsapp. I will be sending this to my step daughter in the Dominican Republic so it was really important to get the one messaging app to work. This whole process is so frustrating.

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