How to enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV

How to enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV: If you are a Samsung Smart TV user, then you might have searched on how do I enable third party installations on my Samsung Smart TV? and may be you want to know how to allow third party installations on Samsung Smart TV. As you can’t find all apps on Google Play Store like MovieBox, ShowBox, PlayBox HD etc. you may need to enable 3rd party installations on Samsung Smart TV to install these APKs downloaded from internet. We have many third party APK sources like APKMirror, Aptoide, Tutu Helper etc. to get APKs which you can’t find in Google Play Store. Here we will see how to enable third party installations on a Samsung Smart TV.

Install third party apps on Samsung Smart TV
Install third party apps on Samsung Smart TV

To be able to install third party apps on Samsung Smart TV, first you need to download APKs of the files and to be able to locate the APK file, you need to have a good File Manager installed on your Samsung Smart TV. As per my knowledge, no Android TV comes with a Stock File Manager by default. Luckily, we can install some of the best File Explorers on Smart TV from Google Play Store. ES File Explorer is so far the best File Explorer for Android. Even though it has very advanced features, they are not needed in our case.

How to enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV

To enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV, you have to make some changes in Settings on your Samsung Smart TV. By default, Android devices won’t allow installation of apps from Unknown sources, to enable that please follow below steps on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Security option.
  • In Security options, scroll down until you see Unknown Sources option.
  • You need to Toggle ON Unknown sources option to enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV.

You can even browse for all your favorite APKs directly from your Samsung Smart TV if it has internet connection. If it does’t have internet connection, you can follow below steps to transfer APK files to Samsung Smart TV.

How to Copy/transfer APKs to Samsung Smart TV

You can transfer APK files to Samsung Smart TV using a Pendrive or a SD Card, which ever is available to you.

  • Download all your favorite APKs to your PC or Android Phone.
  • Transfer APK files to a Pendrive or SD Card.
  • Now connect that SD Card or Pendrive to Samsung Smart TV.
  • Using ES File Explorer, you can copy those APK files to your Smart TV.

How to Install APK files on Samsung Smart TV

To install APK files on Samsung Smart TV, just install ES File Explorer and copy your desired APK file to Samsung Smart TV. Now, just tap on the APK file to install it. When asked for confirmation, tap on Install button.

This is how we can enable third party installations on Samsung Smart TV using ES File Explorer. If you are facing any issues, please leave us a comment below.

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  1. Have not quite got the hang of it Samsung UE40 J6 300AK
    Google Play/ install/My tv is not recognised by being compatible. Phone yes.
    What am I doing wrong. I intend to install kodi eventually.


    1. Forget about. Samsung uses a system call Tizen. No play store, cannot download Es explorer, or even go to security settings option, to tap on Unknown Sources option, it does not exist. Very disappointed w/ this smart TV with no Android system. Now I know why it was so cheap. Only the picture quality is great. Smart? Nothing smart about Samsung 6 Ultra Hd, 4K. They don’t even call you to assist. Shame on them.

      1. Why you’d want Android on your TV?
        Are you crazy? It’s not touchscreen so you can’t use many apps even if you succeed installing them, plus many flaws you get with Android.
        You can find lots of apps on or github

  2. I cannot find the option to “toggle on” unknown sources on my Smart Tv! There just isn’t an option anywhere that I can see?

  3. I cannot find any settings on my Samsung TV that allows 3td party apps. Theres nothing even remotely close to such a setting anywhere on my TV and I have looked numerous times. I’ve had my TV for 9months now and still no luck.

  4. You can’t do this on most Samsung Tv’s. You can only download apps that appear in the samsung library. You need to be a developer and have a good grasp of programming to get any secondary apps on the TV.
    Easier to get an Amazon fire tv stick!

  5. hi don’t worry look in google for tizen studio and tutorial to convert APK to WGT wich is the format packet accepted
    by tizen tv and install this .wgt into TV.

  6. Leider kann ich in Einstellungen “Samsung Smart TV” den unten beschriebenen Weg nicht gehen, da nicht vorhanden!!! SCHADE!!!

    Gehe zu Einstellungen und tippe dann auf Sicherheit.
    In den Sicherheitsoptionen scrollen Sie nach unten, bis Sie die Option Unbekannte Quellen sehen.
    Sie müssen die Option Unbekannte Quellen aktivieren, um Installationen von Drittanbietern auf Samsung Smart TV zu aktivieren.

    Gibt es für das neuere Tizen Betriebssystem eine Anleitung dafür, wie man die Drittanbieter zulassen kann?
    Danke im Voraus!

  7. I have a Samsung Smart TV. I also have PBS Anywhere. I requested of Samsung that they make the Acorn TV App and the PBS Anywhere APP available. They complied with my request for Acorn TV, but, told me that I could not have PBS Anywhere. This is the last time I will purchase a Samsung.

    There is, however, a simple workaround. I have two other TVs which have Amazon Fire Sticks installed. PBS Anywhere is available on them. A Fire Stick costs $30 when on sale and it can be added to an extra HDMI port on a Samsung.

    1. Actually, A Fire Stick sucks. You are better to buy Android tv box. It is powerful, faster, easy and friendly than Fire Stick. A Fire Stick is very hassle and annoying.

  8. No-wounder you guys are lost. No one offers any assistance. Thoes who try are so cryptic it’s no help.
    YES the tv has a SECRET menu. Why won’t you guys(people commenting) TELL readers go to the app menu. You will not see anything out of the ordinary until you type in 12345 the out of nowhere a secret menu pops up.
    STILL everyone says use es filled to install but always fail to explain in detail how to load the es apk. (Unless you tell where to get the apk, how to convert it, and how to make the tv reconizeable to the tv, your kert reply will just be another waste of peoples time.)

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