How to get ShowBox on Roku Express/Roku Stick/Roku TV/Roku Ultra

Here we will see how to cast ShowBox on Roku TV/Express Plus, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express and Roku Ultra from your Android or Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC. It is a very nice feature that is included in Roku Streaming devices for its users to let them mirror their PC or Android Smartphones screen to Roku Smart TV. As the Operating System running on Roku is Roku OS 8 latest, which is a Linux based OS, most of the apps wont be available for that particular platform. So, to make use of Android apps or Windows Apps and especially to mirror ShowBox on Roku Smart TV/Roku Stick/Roku Express, screen mirroring or casting feature is a very good option to think about. If you really want to know how to install ShowBox on Roku Stick then here I will let you know the procedure to do that.

ShowBox for Roku Ultra

So, as a first step to cast ShowBox on Roku Express/Roku Stick, you have to enable screen mirroring on Roku TV. For that you have to do below steps on your Roku TV.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku Stick/Roku Express/Express +/Roku TV

As ShowBox is not available for Roku OS, the idea here is to install ShowBox on your Windows 10 PC or Android device and cast your Windows/Android device screen to Roku TV.

  • Connect Roku to your Smart TV and power it ON.
  • Once the Roku is operational, go to Rokus Settings -> System and Select Screen Mirroring.
  • On the right side you will see 2 options, one is to enable Screen Mirroring and the other is to disable that.
  • Here select “Enable Screen Mirroring” option. Now you are done with the settings from Roku side. Now Roku will accept any feed from either Android Smartphone/Windows PC.
Roku Screen Mirroring

Note: Only a selected list of Roku devices are actually supporting Screen Mirroring feature, below are the list of Roku devices which are supporting screen mirroring feature as per my knowledge. Please let me know in comments if there are any other new models which has Screen Mirroring feature in it.

  • Roku Express 3900
  • Roku Express+ 3910
  • Roku Streaming Stick 3800
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku TV

To actually find your Roku device model, go to Settings > System > About and here you will see your Roku device model. You must set up screen mirroring/casting on your Android or Windows device and then you can request a connection to your Roku streaming device on which you have enabled screen mirroring option. Lets see how to do it on Windows 10 PC.

How to mirror or cast ShowBox to Roku from Windows 10 PC.

To screen mirror Windows 10 PC to Roku, you can do below things:

  • Go to your Windows 10 PC and press Win+C, you will see a menu on the right side of the screen. In that click on Devices and then click on Project.
  • Now Click on Add a Wireless Display. Now your Windows PC will actually search for available Wireless devices, when Roku appears, just proceed to add Roku device to your Windows PC. Wait for a few seconds, then your Windows PC will start casting to Roku smart TV.
  • Soon after connecting to Roku from your Windows PC, Accept your Windows 10 PC to mirror on Roku device. You will see a message on your Roku TV, just click on Accept.
  • Now launch ShowBox app and play any movie, it will get mirrored to Roku TV and you can enjoy ShowBox on big screen.

Please make sure that your Roku device and your Windows PC are connected to the same WiFi connection for the mirroring to happen. This is a pre requisite which is very important.

This screen mirroring is not supported on iOS devices and Google devices. However, these devices can actually cast videos, music and photos using the Play On Roku feature available on the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

How to cast ShowBox to Roku from Android

Different Android Phone manufacturers use different term for casting or Screen mirroring, so to enable screen mirroring on your Android phone, search for any of the below casting term in your Android device Settings or you can search in Google for the term on your device.

  • Smart View
  • Cast
  • Screen Casting
  • HTC Connect
  • Display Mirroring
  • Wireless display
  • AllShare Cast
  • SmartShare
  • Quick Connect

Once you have find out the term for your Android device, now you have to enable screen mirroring from Settings -> Display/Cast/Connection/Network -> enable screen mirroring. The path may be different for different Android devices, search in Google for the exact setting on your Android device.

Once you have enabled screen mirroring option, after few seconds you can see your Android device screen on your Roku Smart TV.

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