How to Skip Nesstool Install while launching Tutu Helper/TutuApp

Nesstool-TutuApp: Tutu Helper has been one of the best third party app provider for iOS devices. Not all are using this store but there are really huge user count for Tutu. The number of users has increased significantly after the release of Pokemon Go. TutuApp provides hacked versions of Pokemon Go and not only that, you can also install many games which are not available in Apple App Store. You don’t have to pay a single penny to install all these games. If you want Tutu Support for the apps that you download, you have to buy and install Tutu Helper VIP version. Regular version of TutuApp is free but it have more app revokes.

To avoid these App certificate revokes, recently Tutu team is suggesting to install Nesstool app which is a VPN that bypasses certificate revokes from Apple. This means, you can continue to use the apps installed from TutuApp forever.

The working logic of Nesstool is simple here, once after installing any app from TutuApp, you have to Trust the profile of enterprise app developer, which is a certificate issued by Apple to that user, using that he can be able to install apps on Apple devices. So, after installing Nesstool, it will installs and activates its VPN profile. Now this VPN profile will protect the certificates of the apps from getting verified and revoked by Apple. This will enable apps that are installed from TutuApp to be able to run permanently on your iOS device.

  • Here is the tutorial on how to download and install Nesstool on iOS 11.

Skip/Bypass Nesstool Install while launching Tutu Helper/TutuApp

But for those who don’t want to install this Nesstool, here is the simple trick that you can use to skip Nesstool installation soon after launching TutuApp.

Once you launch TutuApp, Nesstool screen will force you to install it. If you don’t trust this tool, you can simply skip or bypass Nesstool installation using simple trick.

  • Tap on Install Now button.
  • Once the install popup appears on the screen, tap on Cancel button.
  • This will cancels installation of Nesstool on your iOS device.

You can also cancel the installation of Nesstool in another way.

  • Tap on Install now button, and then tap on Install option in popup screen. Now go to home screen and here you will see that Nesstool is installing.
  • Long press on Nesstool app icon and uninstall it even before it get installed.

After that, you wont see this Nesstool screen until you close TutuApp. You can do the same every time you launch TutuApp to skip Nesstool installation.

Hope this has helped you to temporarily skip the installation of Nesstool app while launching TutuApp.

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