How to Synchronize Subtitles in ShowBox

How to Synchronize Subtitles in ShowBox: I hope that you are a power user of ShowBox, you are here might be because you are facing issues with subtitle synchronization in ShowBox. For some movies in ShowBox, subtitles may be out of Sync and you want to synchronize them with the Audio so that you can enjoy your movie as you do with other movies. In this tutorial, I will let you know how to Synchronize Subtitles in ShowBox.

How to Synchronize Subtitles in ShowBox

ShowBox Subtitles out of Sync Android

ShowBox is one of the best movie streaming appsavailable for Android devices in this generation. We can install ShowBox on Android tablets, Windows PC using any Android emulator and also we can install ShowBox on Android powered TVs and as well as on Amazon Fire OS as it is an Android based OS. ShowBox provides latest movies, TV Shows, trailers, News and much more all at a single place and it doesnt require any subscription to watch its movies. If you are spending your bucks on Hollywood movies, then I suggest to use ShowBox App which is free of cost and provide movies in HD quality with support for subtitles in multiple languages.

Today in this tutorial we will see how to sync subtitles with movie audio in ShowBox with the help of OTHER PLAYERoption available in ShowBox. This sounds very simple if you were already using other player option in ShowBox. Lets see how to Sync subtitles in ShowBox Android.

How to Synchronize Subtitles in ShowBox

We can fix this issue using theOTHER PLAYER option available in ShowBox, for that I suggest you to install MX Player App which is available for free from Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also install VLC media player as well. Here I am using MX Player for this tutorial, which is the best media player available for Android now.

Once you have MX Player installed on your Android device, follow below steps:

  • Launch ShowBox App and select the movie that you want to play.
  • Choose the Server and Resolution of the movie.
  • Now, tap on Player option and then tap on other player, this will show you the list of media players available on your Android device to play the movie.
  • Select MX Player, with MX Player you will have great control over Subtitles.
  • Now the movie will start playing in MX Player.
  • While the movie is playing, to add subtitles to the movie, tap on three vertical dots.
  • From the available options, tap on Subtitle option.
  • In Subtitle menu, you will now see Open and Get Subtitles online. If you have the subtitles file in your mobile then you can load it or else you can get subtitles file from internet.
  • Tap on Open if you have .srt file downloaded on your mobile or else tap on Get subtitles online option.
  • Search for subtitles with the movie name. Select the most suitable subtitle from the search results. check the check-box and tap on Download button.
  • Subtitles file will get downloaded and added to the movie automatically.
  • Now if the subtitles are not in Sync, you can use the detailed tutorial on how to Synchronize Subtitles with Movie in MX Player.

This is how we can synchronize subtitles in ShowBox App. I hope that this tutorial will help you to fix the subtitles issue in ShowBox. If you have any thing to say or anything to ask, please post in comments below.

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