6 Great Mac Connectivity Apps to Pack While Traveling

Are you thinking of traveling internationally and taking your mac with you? You need the best chatting apps to show off all your travel stories, connect with loved ones or maybe get to know a stranger in the given destination. For this reason, having not just one but a few useful chat apps for mac with you for connecting can help keep things social and enjoyable on the trip. You also get to inform someone of your whereabouts as you travel alone for safety.

These messaging apps for mac are the best as they work anywhere, anytime you require connectivity with a simple Wi-Fi connection. Hence you won’t need lengthy measures of obtaining a local calling card and costly calling plans. The following are some of the best apps you can rely on for easy and reliable connectivity with loved ones internationally:


What’s better than using the native mac app for sending and receiving instant messages over the internet? The iMessage app comes with a mac device and is the best way to connect with fellow Apple users. It allows several facilities, including group messaging, using Apple GIFs and emojis, media including photo and video sharing. You can access facilities like tap backs for quick responses when you don’t have the time to hold lengthy chats and channel read receipts for knowing if your messages are received. However, problems like imessage activation unsuccessful or several others can occur during your travel and cause trouble. For this, make sure to keep other apps handy and keep your loved ones updated.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook messenger is an app that every individual living on this planet knows about, no matter which country or age. This app was once used widely for worldwide chatting and simple texting between friends and family. Although it is still adorned in several places on the earth, it may not be readily used as several other new apps have emerged.

Facebook messenger has some useful features that work on Macs as well, including group chatting service, video and audio calling, group video calling through Rooms, push notifications to invite a friend, and much more. Your contacts are automatically copied from your friends’ list on Facebook; you just have to invite them and start talking immediately.


Ever wondered if there can be a better way to manage your contacts and messages on different social media apps at once? It can be a hassle to stay up to date and relevant with your followers by switching to various apps. IM+ is the upgrade in the world of connectivity and socializing for mac users. This app lets you combine all your social media accounts into one platform to access them all at the same time.

With its use, you won’t have to switch between apps and save time on your trip, exploring the destination than being buried in your phone. You get to channel over 15 most used and required social apps including, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and so on, accessible through a single window. IM+ can be a better alternative to iMessage as well that only offers chatting services, while the former can help you lay out all your social connections in one place.

Canary Mail

Just like instant messages are important to receive during a trip, you will need a reliable mail app to receive and send encrypted work emails and get notified immediately. Such a systematized app can be Canary Mail for mac. In order to keep receiving the most important emails and notifications and leave out the rest, the app takes reports and displays imperative memos. This allows for all the important and attention-demanding emails to reach you when you are busy sightseeing. Not only that, but the app takes care of keeping your sensitive work emails secure by encrypting them on unknown networks so that no important information is lost.

Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangouts is a great connectivity tool that is currently in use for its reliability and easy interface. It is widely used to make international calls with a Wi-Fi connection for free. It has a video and audio calling feature for both personalized and group calls at any given time.

It provides extensive instant messaging that can help you reach out to a loved one when they aren’t online, tell them about your whereabouts, and send promising photos. Hangouts is a sync-able app that works well with several devices and lets you use it when out and about on your mobile phone and laptop once you’re in your room to make calls on the big screen.

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