Mechanical Keyboards: Why You Should Get One This Year

Even when computers were first used as machines that were only available to scientists and engineers and systems that offices were using, keyboards were always present. Without a keyboard and a mouse, it would be hard to navigate documents and data on your computer. At the same time, many workers rely heavily on keyboards, such as writers and programmers who need a keyboard to code. 

But this seemingly simple office tool has been making a huge comeback this 2021. Why? In the past few decades, the gaming community has been steadily growing. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused various changes to the way we live. Many office workers are now forced to work at home for their own safety. When some workers and gamers sit on their desks throughout the day, it’s only logical that time is spent on better equipment for your station.

In the past few years, many companies responsible for making computer chips, motherboards, and electronics have also been tapping into the peripherals market. Mechanical keyboards are a staple of this market. 

But what makes them so popular? There are various reasons they’ve gotten so popular. Most workers and gamers who get themselves a mechanical keyboard would say that it sounds and feels good, which makes it great for productivity. But other than productivity, why should you be getting one? Here’s what to know.

There’s an Active Community

One of the reasons you should get yourself a mechanical keyboard is that it’s an engaging community filled with friendly members from different walks of life. Compared to other artisan and hobbyist communities, the mechanical keyboard community has welcoming members. 

But before you get yourself a mechanical keyboard, you might want to consider having your own gaming setup. Many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are also avid gamers, work-from-home professionals, or freelancers. Having a mechanical keyboard means that you should have a desktop that harmonizes with your setup.

Of course, ensure that your desktop is designed for your work’s nature or gaming experience. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for businesses that can help you with your own setup when pre-built gaming PC setups have the fastest and most efficient processors in the market. 

It Feels and Sounds Great to Type On

If you have typed on a classic typewriter before, you know that there’s something that’s satisfying about it. Is it the tactile feedback? Or is it the sounds of the moving parts clicking and clacking? Well, most would say that it’s all of those things. Mechanical keyboards also do the same thing: it appeals to all your senses. 

Switches are the most important components of a mechanical keyboard. Compared to your usual membrane keyboard that normally sees in offices and desktops in the past few decades, mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches that produce tactile feedback and a unique sound profile. This makes it more satisfying to type on a mechanical keyboard. At the same time, these keyboards are also quite durable, theoretically lasting more than ten years. Switches are what give most keyboards their unique distinct sound and feel.

You Can Customize It to Your Taste

Another reason you should get your very own mechanical keyboard is that you can customize it to your own taste. Do you like a clicky keyboard that gives you a good sense of accomplishment every time that you click on a key? Do you want a smoother experience that won’t produce any noise that might disturb others? The possibilities are endless with all the keycaps, switches, and keyboard bodies available in the market. 

If you want to, you can even build your own keyboard from the ground up with the right parts. What makes it an even more satisfying hobby is that certain keyboard circuits can have programmable LED lights that light up based on how you interact with the keyboard.

In fact, many companies are currently selling DIY keyboard kits that are made from a variety of materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and brass. Each type of plate and build you do on your mechanical keyboard can result in different sound profiles. 

You should get yourself a mechanical keyboard for various reasons. If you’re spending a good amount of your time on your workstation or gaming rig and you have to use your keyboard to write, code, or play video games, then you might want to consider getting good peripherals. You don’t necessarily need to delve deep into the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole since many budget-friendly keyboards are available. 

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as an “endgame” keyboard. Many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts spend too much money on the “right” keyboard when it ultimately boils down to your preference and comfort. As long as you’re comfortable with what you have, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new one. That said, having a good mechanical keyboard should tap into all your sense of touch, hearing, and sight.

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