Mobi Wireless Earbuds: A Blend of Hi-Tech Design and Comfort

The main reason why you buy wireless earbuds is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with annoying cables. But that’s only a basic feature, and you shouldn’t stop there. Since you’re bound to use your devices in bustling environments, you need proper noise-canceling technology. You could also use a powerful battery to avoid recurring recharges.

Mobi earbuds tick all those boxes. Most functions are highly optimized, so let’s see what makes them an excellent choice.

Mobi’s Next-Gen Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

Hybrid ANC is the industry-leading noise-canceling technology. It combines feedback and feedforward microphones to catch sounds from your environment and listen to your music. As a result, there’s no unwanted noise to disturb your listening sessions.

However, Mobi took an extra step to improve their ANC. The manufacturer installed an additional feedforward mic so that each earbud contains three microphones. You get an AI algorithm that differentiates between more than 6,000 sounds.

In this respect, Mobi sets the bar high when it comes to true wireless earpieces. The feedforward microphones form a 360-degree capture field to detect a wide range of sounds. Coupled with a feedback mic, Mobi cancels both high and low frequencies.

All-Important Transparency Mode

Cutting-edge ANC is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology improvements. By tapping the earbuds, you can trigger another great feature – transparency mode.

When activated, the AI filters ambient noises according to the 6,000-sound database and determines which ones you need to hear. For instance, if a flight attendant is addressing you, or you’re receiving a phone call, Mobi will pick it up and pass the sound through the speakers. The remaining noises remain canceled.

This comes in handy during activities where it’s easy for the mind to drift, such as jogging, cycling, or strolling. Transparency mode alerts you of crucial sounds and informs you of all necessary developments around you.

Oversized Speakers

In general, bigger drivers produce better sound. While there are exceptions (above 40 millimeters), this rule applies to true wireless earbuds.

Most drivers stand at between four and eight millimeters in diameter. But Mobi kicks it up a notch with 12-millimeter units. While this makes them a lot larger than conventional models, the sound quality is exceptional.

The driver size enhances the frequency range, resulting in more nuances across the whole spectrum. The bass is also improved and is now more realistic than ever.

Robust Calling

Mobi’s hybrid functions are on full display when doing business over your phone or chatting with your friends. The two feedforward microphones provide more accurate and clearer voice transmission.

On top of that, Mobi keeps track of your movements and body position to recognize your voice and neutralize ambient noises. Therefore, you can have business meetings at an airport, and you’ll hear other participants without any hindrances.

Extraordinary Battery Life

One of the biggest selling points of Mobi is the high-capacity, 100-hour battery. It gives you 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime per charge and 90 hours in your carrying case. You can even get up to eight hours of playback while the Hybrid ANC regime is active since the AI is designed to save power.

Charging the device doesn’t last very long, either. It takes just two hours to fully charge your carrying case using a Qi wireless pad or USB-C. Plus, a 15-minute charge delivers six hours of playtime, which is quite impressive.

Mobi Earbuds Deliver Optimal Sound

Listening to music with Mobi earbuds takes the whole experience to another level. There are no pesky background sounds, and the quality is terrific. Plus, the long-lasting battery will easily get you through your extended sessions.

Mobi earbuds go for just $75, so get yourself a pair now!


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