How to Improve Your PC Performance For Gaming And Boost FPS

Playing games on PC is much more challenging than console gaming as it may lag while gaming for several reasons. Incompatible hardware, older graphics cards, outdated video card drivers are some major reasons which annoy gamers while they are playing on PC.

Luckily, there are many ways to improve PC performance to enhance the online gaming experience. The best method is to upgrade the system with the best gaming OS. It enables the PC to perform multitasking better, so there are no hurdles while playing games.

Another great way to optimize PC for games is to boost FPS. Higher FPS contributes to a better online gaming experience, especially when it comes to browser anime games. Many game lovers will find 30 fps suitable for their PC, but pro-gamers will not accept anything lower than 60fps.

Before taking measures to boost the FPS of PC, it is essential to find out the current FPS rate. Here is a complete guide on finding and boosting fps:

How to Find the Current FPS of PC?

There are several ways to find out the fps of PC:

  • Most new PC games display the fps, which can be viewed in their Video Settings menu.
  • Players who play GeForce Experience or Steam games can enable the frame rate counter from the settings menu.
  • Gamers can download the free software Fraps to discover the fps.

5 Tips to Boost FPS for a Better Gaming Experience 

Gamers can enhance the performance of their PCs without getting new hardware. Here are the top 5 valuable tips that can boost fps to upgrade the PC gaming experience:

1. Lower Your Screen Resolution

Higher screen resolution means more load on GPU, resulting in poor PC performance. Lowering the screen resolution can cause a considerable change in the fps. 

To change the screen resolution, simply go to the Advanced Display Settings option in the system settings. Set the desired resolution in the Resolution menu.

2. Change the Settings of Your Game

Gamers can lower the graphics intensity of a game by altering the game settings. Reducing the distance, texture, and other effects may affect the visual display. But decreasing the image quality can cause a significant increase in the fps.

3. Update Video Card Drivers

Manufacturers release drivers to make sure they are compatible with new games and can boost the gaming experience. Gamers should update their video card drivers for smooth PC gaming. NVidia GeForce, Intel, and AMD release the latest versions of their drivers regularly. Players can easily install them from their websites.

4. Use FPS Booster Software

FPS Booster Software can help increase PC performance by reducing the impact of background applications of CPU. For instance, Cortex is an FPS booster that works by turning off the sleep mode of the CPU.

Windows 10 has a game mode that is accessible by the Windows Key + G shortcut. It boosts the FPS of PCs by reducing the impact of other programs and applications on the current game.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

If gamers find no significant change in their PC performance with these methods, then there is a problem with the graphics card. The current graphics card in their PC is not meant for gaming. It is time to upgrade it.

Here are the best graphic cards for playing online games on PC:

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  • AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT
  • AMD Radeon RX 6800.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, gamers showcase their skills online and even earn money, but smooth gaming depends on the system’s performance. And the tips mentioned above can improve the FPS dramatically. Avail the best online gaming experience with these beneficial tips without investing in expensive hardware.  


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