Why Private Cloud is Better for Business

Organisations across Australia are making the switch to a private cloud model. Private cloud computing is a model that provides a proprietary service to a single organisation. Similar to other cloud computing systems, private cloud offers continued, virtualised computing resources utilising physical technology stored at a vendor’s data centre or on the organisation’s physical premises.

Private cloud comes with a host of benefits, the main one being that it provides an organisation with enhanced control of their data. The private cloud is only accessible by that organisation, allowing said organisation to configure and control their systems in a way that is specific to the organisation, also to have private cloud hosting.

So, what are some of the outstanding benefits of private cloud computing and why should your business consider making the switch?

Let’s take a look below…

Enhanced security

The private cloud’s public counterpart offers a certain degree of security, but you don’t want to store your most sensitive or valuable data on them, as they could be at risk from any number of threats. When it comes to customer information, financial statements or proprietary data, private cloud networks can assist in ensuring that your data doesn’t end up with the wrong people.

Your organisation has access to its own unique resources that are accessible from behind its firewall through onsite internal hosting or dedicated leased lines.

Enhanced reliability

It doesn’t matter how secure your network may be – it is susceptible to shutting down. This can be fatal for organisations that need these networks to maintain their sensitive and valuable information. Private cloud networks provide a virtual operating environment that can more readily handle the challenges that come with a physical system failure.

Private cloud networks operate across multiple servers, creating dividers between each that will allow your organisation to take resources from different areas. This is great for organisations that need their cloud network for optimal efficiency and to reduce any downtime.

Ease of integration from Local Area Networks (LANs)

Private cloud computing is similar to that of Local Area Networks (LANs), making it easy for an organisation to relocate their data to the cloud if they were previously using the LAN.

Enhanced control

Public cloud services often lock organisations into a predetermined network setup. But with private cloud networks, you are provided far greater control and flexibility. Private clouds allow the organisation to set up their network in a manner that is most suitable for their needs as opposed to adapting their systems.

The enhanced control means less effort or time is spent on managing their system. It is a good idea, however, to have experienced IT staff on hand to manage the private cloud software.

Economical & green

Organisations are thinking more about how they can move towards greener technology. Anything that can help an organisation go green whilst saving money is a good thing, right? Well, a private cloud allows you to do both of those things!

With advanced allocation of resources, you won’t put so much strain on your IT network, but said resources will be available to the people that need them. This will reduce costs whilst increasing productivity.

It’s a great option for data-centric organisations

Modern organisations require the enhanced control and security that private cloud computing provides. Whilst public cloud computing may be the cheaper option, it lacks the accessibility, control and security of the private cloud, and this is why the private cloud is the ultimate system for an organisation.

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