Python for Web Development: Why Developers Choose This Language?

When developing a web application, specialists can choose from various technologies, each with pros and cons. But for sure, some technologies enjoy the most popularity, and Python falls precisely into this category. Why is it so? In this article, we will disclose the key reasons why Python development services are so popular.

A Few Words About Python

Python was created more than 30 years ago, back in 1991. Its creator, Guido van Rossum, wanted the language to be simple in terms of syntax, have namespaces, and be rigid towards indentation. In other words, the language was supposed to be easy to read and apply, and the idea came true. Python is simple but, in good hands, becomes a potent coding tool. And in addition to a readable syntax, Python offers one more convenience: it works great on Windows, Linux, and Mac –  the most popular platforms.

And here are more great facts about Python. It can be used for the creation of solutions with:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Deep Learning (DL)
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Companies that take advantage of the Python language include such world-known brands as Google, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, etc.

Reasons to Use Python for Web Development and More

Python is mainly used for the creation of server-side applications (back-end development). The language is known for its high level of adaptability. Python is versatile and allows developers to increase their efficiency. Moreover, it offers dynamic typing capabilities, allowing for smaller source code size, quick reading, easier implementation, and quicker turnaround.

Python can be applied to scientific projects, apps featuring advanced graphics, game development, and a variety of other options. For these reasons, it topped the list of the most popular programming languages worldwide for years and is still highly popular and demanded.

Why Do Developers Love Python?

There are enough reasons to love Python, and some of them were already disclosed above. But to better understand why this language is so popular, we’ve gathered the key reasons why developers love it. Here we go!

Python is easy to learn (of course, comparatively)

As we already mentioned, the inventor of Python wanted the language to have a simple syntax. And for sure, people building their careers in programming are thankful for that. It’s not just easy to learn and understand but also allows taking care of the code written by other specialists. In other words, developers can work on the same project with less effort. 

Python is more readable compared to the majority of other programming languages

Readable code offers many benefits, starting from the facilitation of work, the ability to quickly find mistakes and correct them, and delegate the unfinished work to other Python developers when or if needed. 

Python is a very powerful tool for programming

Python has all the best features: yes – it’s pretty simple, but at the same time, it’s compelling, especially in good hands. It allows developers to complete complex tasks in server-side programming, including those related to such hot technological advancements as AI and Data science.

Python has a really huge development community

Why is it a benefit? Because developers support each other, give each other advice on projects, share code, learn new techniques, and so on. In other words, the big community serves as a reliable support source for those who have just entered the high-tech world and those looking to advance their skills.

Python can be used together with a variety of libraries

This means that Python developers have plenty of options to facilitate the development of web applications. Some of these libraries have a pre-written code every developer can use and save time on the useless re-invention of a wheel. Nice, huh?

And there are also frameworks that complement Python

Need to speed up the development in Python? You have all options to do so using different frameworks, whether Django, Flask, Pyramid, or others.

These are just the common benefits of using Python for web development, but we bet that you’ve already understood why this language is so popular and so loved in the development community. But here’s the thing to remember: even though the language offers vast development opportunities, not all Python developers are equal. So make sure you’re working with a trusted technology partner with enough experience in Python development and your industry.


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