These are the reasons why my AdSense disapproved 3 times

Time is really unnoticeable when you start doing some work and for me this is the third year since I started writing my first blog. In these three years I have worked with many blogs and gained a good amount of experience in blogging field. It is really not easy to succeed in this digital marketing field but it is possible with uninterruptible focus and interest. I started working as a part time blogger and started learning basics with my first doubt, what is blogging? This is the first question which will strikes our mind when we hear the term blogging. The best part about blogging is search engine optimization, which really means optimizing our website for the best performance at Search Engines like Google, Bing etc.


Search Engine Optimization really matters when it comes to the success and growth of a website or a blog. SEO is an inclusion of techniques, strategies and tricks to bring more users and to increase the site ranking. The discussion will be endless if we start discussing about SEO and here I wish to let you know my few of my biggest mistakes in blogging which are actually the reasons why my AdSense application disapproved 3 times.

Site Design Really Matters

At the time of approving AdSense, site design really matters. A simple design and clear navigation within your site is what they expect. A site with unnecessary graphics and high contrast colors with huge buttons and poor design is granted for disapproval at AdSense.

You should design your website in a way that it is easy for the users to read and navigate. Be careful while choosing the background color of the page. A page with black background and white text on it is really hard to read and your page should not hurt the readers eyes.

Unnecessary Backlinks is harmful

To improve the search engine performance, people usually go for backlinking their site URLs on other websites. Google encourages dropping your URLs in right pages and for right reasons. A link to your technical page in health article doesnt make sense.

There are various ways to get backlinks to your website and the legitimate ways is what encouraged and adds some value to your site. I have seen websites with thousands of backlinks from various unrelated sources. So, to be on the safe side and as a good practice, avoid unnecessary backlinks to your site.

Website content is what Finally Matters

All other reasons are after your content quality, a blog with really high quality and unique content is what brings AdSense from Google. A over optimized page will adds a negative value to your website. Keyword stuffing in your content is not encouraged by google and there are less chances that Google will approve your AdSense application.

Habituate to provide good quality content to your users with clear formatting and sub headings when required. Use relevant images at right places in your content which adds special look and users will find it easy to read and understand.

These are three mistakes that I have made in the beginning of my blogging carrier and I dont want you to do the same. A blog with high quality content with good design will surely get approved by AdSense.


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