SHAREit file generation failed error

File Generation Failed SHAREit – SHAREit has been the best cross platform file sharing app which is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS platforms. Its easy to connect and share files with SHAREit. Even though there are many other sharing apps available, SHAREit has become very popular because of its cross platform file sharing feature. Now its easy to get music, video files, documents from your friends with SHAREit rather than syncing it from iTunes.


I hope that there are billions of happy users for SHAREit, but there are few who are facing errors with SHAREit. I have come across many users who are reporting that they are seeing below errors while using SHAREit.

  • File generation failed error
  • SHAREit cannot broadcast signal
  • Hotspot initialization failed in SHAREit
  • This device may be slow to start hotspot SHAREit
  • SHAREit failed to initiate hotspot
  • SHAREit hotspot creation not supported

You will see these errors on your Android/iOS/Windows/Mac device because of various reasons. But the most important thing to think about is How to fix them? I have contacted SHAREit developers with this question and they are so kind to me and gave some steps to collect SHAREit logs from your device. If you collect and send logs from your device, SHAREit support people will analyze your issue and will provide you a fix over email.

Here, we will talk about one such most common SHAREit error; File Generation Failed – the first thing that comes to your mind is – What is meant by File Generation Failed in SHAREit? Why it is showing file generation failed in SHAREit? From my understanding, when you send files from one device to another devices, on the receiver side all the files that has been sent have to be generated or created from network. This is more like generation of files on the other device from network. If it is unable to generate files then you will get the error File generation failed.

So, to fix file generation failed error, you have to follow below steps

SHAREit File Generation Failed

  • First of all, make sure that the version of SHAREit is later than v3.5.48 in your device.

To collect SHAREit logs from your device, you have to enable debug mode in SHAREit, here is how to enable debug mode in SHAREit:

  • Open SHAREit and tap on My Account icon
  • Then tap on Help & feedback option
  • Now tap the title(Help & feedback) on the top quickly for several times, this will give you debug option.
  • Make sure that you have enabled debug mode.

Now try to reappear the error/problem with your SHAREit app. Now all the logs will be recorded. For example, if you are facing File Generation Failed error, try to reappear that error while the debug mode is enabled so that logs will be recorded.

Now go back to Help & feedback section and tap on email icon and send the log file to SHAREit team by email – [email protected]

In the email body, add more details about your error or issue and send it. SHAREit team will analyze the log files that you have sent and will come back to you with possible solutions or fixes.

At last, make sure that you disable debug mode, otherwise logs will continue to record whenever you use SHAREit.

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