8 Ways Social Media Helps You Sell More

Social media is a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. But it’s not just about having fun – social media can help you sell more products too. Here are three ways social media can give your business a boost:

1. Showcase your products

Social media gives your business a voice, a personality and an opportunity to connect with people in real-time — which makes it easier to find new customers, but in order to do this you should know more about Facebook advertising at First Page. Your followers might not buy from you right away, but they’ll keep your brand top of mind when they need something you offer. The ubiquity of social media has made it a powerful tool for marketing businesses. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are an excellent way to expand your reach and connect with prospective customers. In fact, in the past year, 80% of marketers in the United States used social media to increase their exposure (source: Statista).

2. It builds trust

Social media lets people get to know your company in ways they can’t through traditional advertising or marketing. They see that there are real people behind the scenes, doing real work, and they see how you interact with customers and prospects.

It provides a place for customers to talk about your products. People want to share what they’ve bought, either to brag or to save others from making the wrong choices — and they don’t want to limit those comments just to their friends.

It helps with search engine optimization (SEO). Most major search engines look at social mentions when determining where websites end up in search results. So, the more people talking about your site.

3. It Boosts Brand Awareness

The first step in the buyer’s journey is awareness — getting potential customers to know that your brand exists and what it has to offer them. The primary way of doing this is through content marketing, which involves creating content (like blog posts) that educates prospects on the value of your product or service and drives traffic to your store via search engines and social media.

For example, if you’re selling camping gear, then you might write blog posts that teach people how to camp comfortably on cold nights or how to pack their car for long road trip adventures.

4. Social media is all about relationships

Customers want to get to know you and feel like they can trust you. It takes time to build relationships, but people prefer to buy from people they like and trust. When you post regularly on social media, you get an opportunity to connect with people in a very personal way.

5. Social media is about conversations

People use social media sites to talk about things that are important to them. When you join the conversation on social sites, you’ll be able to find out what your customers want and need, and you can learn how to give it to them.

6. Social media is visual

Most social sites are image-driven — pictures of products get more attention than text descriptions or links. This means your products will grab more attention when you post images on social sites than when you post only links or product descriptions on other sites.

7. Build Relationships with Your Audience

Engaging with your customers on social media helps build relationships with them. The more they get to know you and trust you as a business and brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. You can engage with your audience by sharing content that inspires them, or by asking questions in order to learn more about them.

8. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Posting links to your website on social media will drive traffic there, which will help increase the chances of someone buying from you.

Each time you post something new on your website, social media is a great place to share it and let people know about it. This could be blog content, new product listings, or even a special promotion or offer that you’re running on your site.

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