How Does Technology Affect Online Learning

Technology is an important factor that affects the development of society. It has played a big part in developing cultures and nations into the world we experience today. Most people consider technology as a source of entertainment and leisure.

Computers and electronic gadgets undoubtedly provide tons of fun experiences through video games, social media, and internet sites. These also provide them with different content such as daily news and information. Technology is also an important tool for livelihood and industries. Most of the tasks that were done manually decades ago are now done much faster and more efficiently through the use of machines and gadgets. The advantages of technology to our society are limitless, and it keeps progressing as time passes.

One of the most useful applications of technology is its use in education. Way back in the early ages of society, the concept of schools revolved around a teacher and its students, using only oral communication to relay information back and forth. Then, books were invented and it has been incorporated in education systems to use books to record information and to make this information more accessible for everyone.

In modern times, we have surpassed the limits of books and can now gather information from almost anywhere in the world with a single click on the computer. Yes, technology has paved the way for better education! It has become possible to get information about any subject matter in an instant. With the use of technology, it became easier for educators to create educational programs and prep courses for their students. Below are some of the most important contribution of technology to our education systems:

1. Easier to conduct classes

In the early days of Ancient Greece, famous philosophers would teach their followers and students about their findings and theories about the different phenomena in our world. These “lectures” used to be held in public places such as markets, public atriums, and town squares. With the lack of tools to display information and to reach the ears of all the people listening to the lecture, philosophers were forced to rely only on the power of their voice. Today, lecturers hardly need to raise their voices during classes because sound amplifiers and projector screens have been invented,  which helps in sound modulation and visual presentation. Using technological advancements, having a class for a hundred people is now an easy task for lecturers.

Online classes are flexible and can accommodate more students.

2. More convenient recording of information

Information is the most important resource in education. Back then storing information can only be done by writing it down in several media such as paper, leather, and stones. This method of storing information makes it difficult to preserve these media since they are all perishable and may be decomposed. With the invention of digital data and digital storage units, it is now possible to store large amounts of information in a storage unit around the size of your thumb. Also, with the invention of digital data, it has become easier to transmit data from one place to another. Thus, it is now easier to access information worldwide through one’s personal gadgets.

3. Remote learning and online classes

Another advantage of having access to technology is having remote learning setups and online classes. In this form of learning, teachers and students can have classes in a virtual classroom. This virtual classroom is an application that allows people to talk to each other via an Internet connection and they can also share presentations on their computer screens so that the entire class can see their work.

Having this type of setup is a great advantage for people who are unable to attend classes in the physical classroom due to health issues or logistics. This setup has also been adopted by online colleges and universities. It has helped many students from foreign countries complete their degrees even if they live in another country. Lots of online courses, such as the ASU GRE prep course, are readily available for students nowadays. The accessibility that technology provides has been one of the best applications of technology to our education systems.

4. Different learning methods and experiences

It has been easier to conduct different learning experiences far from the usual lectures and classes through technology. Educators can now create learning experiences in the form of video games, puzzles, and interactive media for tier students to make learning more fun and enjoyable. This method helps stimulate the student’s eagerness to learn by engaging them in activities. Compared to the usual lecture, more students find this method better and they can learn while having a great time. For more information on recreational activities for learning, check out this article.

Technology has been a great tool for the development of our society and its education system. With the correct application of technology, we can continue to move forward and develop even greater things for future generations.

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