Top In-Demand Skills for the Top 10 Sought After Technology Careers

The pandemic changed the digital business world and opened more opportunities for successful work-from-home career paths. In 2022, the demand for a skilled remote workforce grows as more businesses turn to digital workplaces and online day-to-day. A recent study by Adobe CC uncovered the most in-demand careers for 2022 and the skills applicants should attain to land higher starting salaries, better benefits, promotions, and other opportunities for professional success.

10 Highly Lucrative Remote Careers

The Adobe CC for Students skillsets study created this list of the top-10 in-demand jobs for 2022 based on growth opportunities and salary:

  1. Data Science Specialists
  2. Specialized Engineers
  3. User Experience Professionals
  4. Experts in Workplace Diversity
  5. Digital Content Creators
  6. Digital Marketing Professionals
  7. Business Development and Sales Professionals
  8. Education Professionals
  9. Mental Health Specialists
  10. Professional and Personal Coaches

These highly lucrative careers show tremendous opportunities for new professionals around the world. These positions have options for remote work and require diverse skillsets for success.

Top In-Demand Skills

As digital business practices become the norm, the demand for employees with digital competencies, creativity, and strong interpersonal skills is high. Here’s a breakdown of the most in-demand skillsets across these top industries.


Businesses need creativity at all levels to remain resilient and innovative in 2022. Adobe CC cites, “According to LinkedIn’s Top Skills rating, creativity continues to be the number one most in-demand soft skill.” A soft skill cannot be measured but usually allows you to execute tasks better and work well with others. Creative thinking from diverse perspectives can enable companies to innovate for efficiency and design compelling strategies to reach new customers.

Visual Communication

As more shopping is done online than ever before, the battle for the consumer’s attention is fierce. Companies need a solid and engaging online presence to stay relevant in 2022. Visual communication skills help you design effective visual assets for your job. Presentations, social media posts, sales pitches, videos, web design, etc., are all assets that require sharp graphic skills to be effective. The design, convenience, and UX aspects of a business are integral for building an audience and gaining sales. More companies value employees who understand the importance of compelling visuals and stunning asset creation.

Interpersonal Skills

Working well on a team is critical to your employability for 2022. Businesses that operate with remote teams require employees who can work efficiently independently and on a team. Interpersonal skills such as communication, time management, conflict resolution, and organizational skills are highly demanded across industries. Co-workers no longer share an office space, but digital collaboration tools have allowed employees to collaborate creatively and effectively online. As a remote employee, you need to utilize your interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with your teammates and complete tasks on time. Familiarizing yourself with popular collaborative tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud can help you stay organized and efficient in your new digital workplace.

Hard Skills

Hard technical skills are always essential for lucrative career paths. There are many opportunities for anyone to learn how to use various software, business tools, and other digital resources that can teach you hard skills in high demand. Data analysis, graphic design, copywriting, photoshop, editing, etc., are all high-demand technical skills you can learn online in 2022. Experience is another excellent way to showcase your technical skills. Graduates who entered the workforce reported a greater likelihood of landing a higher starting salary with experience developing hard skills while still in school. Though some hard skills can be learned on the job through training and experience, there are many opportunities to gain proficiency online.

Many companies are searching for skilled remote workers in 2022. Opportunities for lucrative work-from-home careers are available to candidates who can master these in-demand skills and bring a unique perspective to their digital workplace.


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