5 Best Ways to Track iPhone in 2021

There are unlimited methods for tracking an iPhone, but everyone would love to prefer some confidentiality as this is a matter of privacy. In case you are looking forward to some solutions that could help you track an iPhone, you are on the right site; here we are going to let you know which options are there for you, so just read this article till the end without skipping anything.

Below enlisted are the five best ways to track an iPhone in 2021, so just have a look at them and choose your favorite:

1. Spyine

If you are a pro, you would probably know about Spyine, but if you are new in the world of spying applications, then we are here to let you know about this fantastic application. Worldwide there are millions of users currently using this app.

Spyine is in the market for quite some time, and people love this app because of its excellent features. It has all the advanced features that customers look for in a trusted tracker. You will not find anything better than this tool if you need to choose something easy to use.

Some other primary features of Spyine that you should know about:

No need to Jailbreak and root

To use this application, there is no need to jailbreak and root the spied phone. The application functions without both of these features, and that’s one of the finest things about this app as it makes the usage easy and simple. 

Both these features are complex and require some technical know-how to execute. They are also time-consuming, so not everyone has this much stamina to deal with the complexities. With Spyine, you can do all the work with simplicity. 


Though the application can be used for all kinds of OS, here you need it for an iPhone, so just add the iCloud account details and leave the rest of the work on the app to deal with. There is no need to touch the spied phone to track an iPhone as everything will be done remotely. 

You can stay miles and miles away from the spied device and easily keep an eye on the phone’s activities. If you need to track an android, you need to download the app initially and secretly run it in the background. The application is small in size, doesn’t drain the battery, and takes very little space in the phone, so you are safe using Spyine for tracking. 


With the help of its geo-fence, you can find out where the spied phone is at the current moment and previously. This feature will let you know the exact location of the target phone. Everything will be done remotely, so no need o be worried about staying close to the spied phone.

Here you just need to follow the spied phone on a map and mark a few places. Now when the device crosses those marked spots, you will receive an alert and find out where the phone is at the moment. 

Subscription Plans

Spyine has various subscription plans for users to pick from on the official website to choose the one they like the most or the one that suits your tracking needs. All these plans are cost-effective, so there is no need to be concerned about the money. 

In case you don’t want to spend the money, you can go for a one-month free trial of Spyine and use its free subscription to get to know about the application and its main features. 


With the help of this feature, you can learn about every single activity of the target device. Whatsoever user types, sends, receives, and shares through their device will be recorded and you will get to know about it in complete detail. There is nothing in the world that this feature doesn’t let you know about the spied device. 

You can even see the passwords through this feature. What else is left there when you can even gain access to the spied device’s passwords that give you full access to the activities of the spied phone’s accounts. 

Web-based Interface

The web-based interface of Spyine allows you to use the app with all kinds of browsers. There is no need to install a separate one to use the app. Use the already existed browser that you have in your system and make it work for the application. 

2. Spyier

This is another application that helps you in monitoring the spied iPhone. With the help of this app, you can get to know everything about the target device. By using Spyine you can find out about the device and where it is at the current moment and in the past as well. 

Spyier is easy to use and offers different subscription plans for people to pick from. You can always try out a one-month free subscription to this app before spending any money on the paid subscription plan. 

3. Minspy

Minspy is another application that allows you to keep an eye on the spied device and all its activities. Using this app is easy as the commands are simple and don’t require you to do anything complex. Anyone can understand the instructions and make them work without any trouble.

With this app’s help, you can keep an eye on the iPhone and use Using In out everything about the spied Android devices. This application has everything that people need in an advanced tracker. 

4. Spyic

This is the fourth application in our list of trackers today that helps you in monitoring the iPhone. With the help of this application, you can get to know about the spied application completely. Nothing left there that cannot be revealed when you have Spyic in hand. It is easy to use and works remotely. 

You don’t have to be around all the time to make the app work according to your needs. All the work will be done remotely so there is no need to be worried about anything. 

5. Neatspy

This is the last application on our list today that helps you in getting to know about the spied iPhone. You can use this app for all kinds of purposes and with all OS. The app is easy to use and works perfectly fine with all browsers, so there is no need to install a separate one just to use the app. 

Neatspy is easy to use and lets you know and everything about the app whenever you need to. Using Neatspy is simple as there are no tough commands required to understand first and then execute. The app offers unique features in a reasonable price range.


We hope that all the above applications would be sufficient for you in finding out about the best application to track an iPhone. Choose the one you think suits your tracking needs in the best way possible and share your experience with us. 

We are looking forward to your feedback in case of any trouble getting back to us or go for the customer support team. They will guide you till the end, so you fix the issue whenever you have any trouble. 

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