10 Video Collage Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out

Video collages are a smart way of getting your audience’s attention and conveying your message. You can turn regular videos into viral-ready and exciting digital assets with some creative video collages. If you feel like a single video is not enough for sending the message across, making a video collage will do the trick. 

Let us look at three reasons you should consider making video collages as a part of your content creation plan. 

1. Offers creative motivation 

It is understandable if you are busy or have hit a rough patch where you find it difficult to develop creative ideas. A good video collage maker will provide you the right templates to spike that much-needed creative motivation. You will have the freedom to express and display your creativity while taking inspiration from the templates, stickers, and graphics available on the video collage maker. 

2. Piques viewer’s visual interest 

If you aim to add visual interest, a video collage is your best bet. You can use a video collage to show more content, and by adding complementing music, you can raise the viewers’ interest by evoking emotions. 

3. Convey more information in less time 

If you have some experience with photo editing, you might have created a photo collage with multiple subjects to convey more information in a single frame. It may be difficult to do that with videos since most of the design tools in the market do not support videos. Sometimes, you might need more than just a video to convey an entire story. 

4. Videos make your task easier 

Video collages are perfect for certain tasks and also get the job done. You can capture different perspectives or angles if you are looking to create a sports video. You can also make easy-to-follow tutorials by making a short video that doesn’t go overboard with the steps. Lastly, you can also create transformation videos by including before and after shots. Video is the perfect example of “one tool, multiple services.”

5. Great for branding 

Videos and social media have become almost synonymous today. Various influencers and business owners are now posting videos on their social media profiles to connect with their audience. Moreover, video collage makers will help you create impressive video collages to get you noticed on the gram and increase your brand or business’s visibility. 

Video collage-making can seem overwhelming at first, but if you have the right tools, it can be an exciting and easy process. Online video collage makers like InVideo will provide you a variety of templates and tools to help merge your videos and create interesting video collages. 

Now that you know how to create a video collage, here is a list of 10 video collage ideas to get you started. 

1. Overlapping collage 

Are you looking to create the perfect creative portfolio? Try to make an overlapping collage where products or images are shown in various angles overlapping each other to enhance creativity. 

2. Side-by-side collage 

You can use the side-by-side template to shed light on two features of the same product to provide viewers with more clarity on that product. This will help clarify the viewer’s perception. You can also use the side-by-side collage template to compare two people, faces, or moments. Add labels on each side or in the center to explain the image to the viewers. 

3. Collage of two animated images 

Using two animated images in your collage is another smart way for displaying comparison. You can post a circle or a text tab in the center to introduce your collage to the viewers. If you are creating poll videos, using animated images can help enhance the message. 

4. Sticker video collage 

It is understandable that you wouldn’t want your viewers to lose interest when viewing your video content. You can save your viewers from boredom by showing some sticker love and creating a compelling video collage. Choose online video makers like InVideo, that provide you with an extensive gallery of stickers with a huge variety of graphics and shapes. You can also use PNG files to make stickers.

5. Collage of a video over a video background 

A video over a video background leaves a bigger impact than a regular, plain video. You can use the animated background video to set a certain mood and make sure that it compliments the video in the front. This will surely enhance the message that you want to send across to your viewers. 

6. Repeated collage 

Have you ever watched an Instagram boomerang? A repeated video collage is somewhat similar. You can show the same video side by side in a repeated video collage. Add humor to your content, and emphasize making an absurd moment funny by repeating your video clip. 

7. Video in a shape collage 

You can now part ways with dull and dreary video templates by choosing a video in a shape collage. Paste and edit your video in the outline of creative dynamic shapes. Use your creative freedom to change the size and the position of the shape at hand and create a customizable video collage. 

8. Complex custom collage 

You can put together quotes, animation, photos, and images to create a complex photo collage. A good video collage maker will give you creative layouts and designs that fit your theme like a glove. 

9. GIF collage

You can create a GIF collage by putting together a collection of GIFs, photos, videos, and images. A GIF collage is somewhat similar to a video clip but concludes in a shorter amount of time. To make things interesting, you can also use written content to explain what is happening in your video collage. You can use this to showcase different angles to the same thing at the same time.

10. Video collage of a video and an animated text 

It is no longer a dream to create a collage of an amazing intro and outro for your video, especially if you want a perfect intro for a live video recording. You can showcase your video on one side and animated text with background on the other side to explain to your viewers what exactly is happening in the live session. 

The bottom line is, video collages are amazing! The video marketing industry is growing day by day, so amp up your skills and get in on the action now. We hope this article provides you with inspiration and motivation to get started on your video collage-making journey.

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