How to Develop Your Web Design Skills

Knowing your way around a CMS (Content Management System) is a skill that can be used in so many professions for all kinds of purposes. Every business has a digital presence, and so many hobbies take place online. If you are looking to develop your web design skills and upskill yourself in and out of the workplace, here are some ways you can develop those skills and why it’s a worthwhile skill set to obtain.

Work with your web development agency

If you work with an agency that specialises in web design in Melbourne, then you have access to some of the best web developers. The best agency relationships are the ones that have great collaboration, so insist on having your web design agency step you through the new build, migration or whatever the process is. You will arguably be more engaged with a project that you know intimately as it is part of your work life. You will learn many skills and insights by working with a web development agency.

Shadow an expert

One of the best ways to learn web development is by shadowing a skilled developer. If you work in an office or agency with web developers, you will have access to the programs and tools used by developers and you can easily query parts that you don’t understand. If you have a general understanding of development and CMS, you may be able to shadow your peers in a more informal setting, although if you are starting from the beginning you may want to implement some structure here.

Upskill through Udemy

Digital natives will be well acquainted with Udemy and all the different skills and courses available on the platform. Udemy is a marketplace with millions of educators teaching at all education and skill literacy levels, from creative writing to languages and even Wes development. If you are serious about learning web development, you will be able to find a course that will set you up with the basics. If you want something more niche, there are even short and long courses that teach you how to develop on specific CMS.

Another great benefit of Udemy is that these courses are so affordable, and it is quite common to find them for under $20. This is because there are so many users of Udemy so they are able to syndicate these courses and offer them at incredibly low prices. You will also get access to a course plan so you can understand what you will learn before you commit to purchase.

Start a blog or hobby site

A great way to learn about web development is to get your hands on a blog or hobby site. There are so many attractive and easy-to-implement themes that can make your blog look fantastic, and slowly you can start to add new features, designs and different plugins. Be sure to choose a blog or hobby site in a niche or interest area that will keep you engaged in the project and wanting to continue to develop it.

Learn one CMS at a time

Before you throw yourself into any old CMS and development project, you may want to start with one CMS. This will allow you to learn the language and process of content publishing, technical requirement and all the bits and pieces that come with it. WordPress is a great place to start, as it is one of the most universally known and used CMS’ out there and there is more information on this CMS than any other out there.

Work with the brands and platforms

WordPress, Wix, Umbraco and all the web development platforms out there have so many training resources and training sessions you can attend. There are also account managers that can be assigned to you who will help you with any set-up issues you have. These services will not cost you a thing, and there will also be online forums and communities you can join that will also be a great sounding board for your development.


The point of this article is to demonstrate that there are so many ways to develop your web design skills. You may wish to implement these tips all at once, especially if you want to supercharge your development experience so you can get to creating digital experiences online.

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