What is PatchWall ?

What is Patchwall in Mi TV? Patchwall is now a buzz word among the smart TV users. With the release of Mi TV 4 and Mi TV 4A, a new TV OS is introduced to smart TV world from Xiaomi with the name Patchwall OS. The currently existing smart TV manufacturers are using any one of the currently existing operating systems in the market and some manufacturers has developed their own OS. Let’s take Samsung, it is using Tizen OS for their Smart TVs and some other are using the customized versions of Android OS. Now, the budget smartphone sensation, Xiaomi has stepped into Smart TV market with two budget Smart TVs, Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4 which are powered by Patchwall OS.


What is Patchwall in TV?

So, to answer your question, What is Patchwall?, it’s a new OS for Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4 Smart TVs which is based on Android 6.0. with great user interface that is enabled with Artificial Intelligence which can make personalized video recommendations based on your viewing trends. Patchwall is available in 14 Indian Languages and English.

What is Patchwall? in detail – Patchwall has knowledge to learn from your viewing trends. It will study your preferences based on the shows that you are watching, Streaming services that you are using like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Yupp TV, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Sling Orange, Crackle, Twitch, Vevo etc., the Satellite TV channels that you are watching and the category of channels that you watch more. etc. Patchwall will collect the data for a period of time and then it starts recommending you.


Patchwall will truly enhances your experience with Smart TV with the inbuilt machine learning it has, the way it predicts your favorite content based on your past viewing trends, and the way it keeps all your favorite content on homepage. You may find Patchwall OS new, but it’s already been available in China and it has own awards for being the best Smart TV OS in 2016.

Can we Install Android Apps on Patchwall ?

Patchwall and Android are two different operating systems, except the fact that Patchwall was built based on Android 6.0. Currently Patchwall doesn’t support Google Play Store and there is no official statement that we can install Android Apps on Patchwall OS.

Let’s say Fire OS, it was built based on Android and there is an App called Downloader using which we can install Android apps on Fire Stick. It is official way to install Android Apps on Fire OS, like that there is no official way for Patchwall OS to install Android Apps and it has never been announced. So, we still need to wait for the upgrades of Patchwall OS to see if Xiaomi will add support for Android apps. So, currently we can’t install Android Apps on Patchwall OS.

Can we sideload Android Apps to Patchwall OS or Mi TV 4A & Mi TV 4 ?

As I said before, there is no official statement from Xiaomi that Patchwall supports Android apps but there are some sources saying that we can still sideload Android Apps to Patchwall. Even though if you install Google Play Store on Mi TV 4, 4A, you can’t install apps from it as Google Play Store app in not loading on Patchwall. I will post a different tutorial on How to sideload Android Apps to Patchwall OS via USB.

If you have any other questions on Patchwall OS or it’s compatibility related, please post in comments below.

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