Best iOS 11 Cydia Sources 2018 [Updated]

Best Cydia Sources iOS 11: After jailbreaking iOS 11, the very first thing that we are concerned about is knowing the best iOS 11 Cydia Sources, so that we can add all those good Cydia Sources to our Cydia app and then we can browse all the best iOS 11 Cydia tweaks to customize our iPhone/iPad with custom themes and jailbreak tweaks. Here I will give you the list of Cydia best sources in 2018 and their repo urls so that you can directly go ahead and add them to Cydia app on your iPhone.

Best Cydia Sources iOS 11
Best Cydia Sources iOS 11

You can find almost more than 4L+ tweaks in Cydia, without having the information about the best sources for Cydia for iOS 11, it is really difficult to find your required tweaks. Here I have listed the Best iOS 11 Cydia tweaks which you can try on Cydia app on your device. Even though there are many other good Cydia sources, I find the below list of repos as the Cydia best sources.

Best Cydia Sources iOS 11 in 2017

You might be knowing the fact that a few Best Cydia Sources comes pre-installed by default with Cydia app once after the jailbreak. Along with those best Cydia sources, there are few more good Cydia Sources that needs to be considered in order to get best tweaks out of the pool.

BigBoss Repo: It is the boss of Cydia sources, it has the worlds largest Cydia tweak collection, themes, tweaks, apps, mods etc. You can do most of the customization with the tweaks available in BigBoss repo. You may need other repos only in case if you want any unique customization which may be available in other repos. This repo comes by default with Cydia app once after jailbreaking your iPhone. If in case it is missing, add below url to Cydia app.


ModMyi Repo: ModMyi is the second largest repo of best Cydia tweaks for iOS 11. With continuous updates, you will find new tweaks in this repo very often. This repo provides iOS tweaks, mods, paid apps for free, themes etc. You will get to know about this repo only if start using it. Add below URL to get this best Cydia repo for iOS 11.


iHacksRepo – If you are in search of tweaks like DreamBoard, WinterBoard, MyWi etc. then iHacksRepo is the best Cydia Source to customize your iPhone with best tweaks and custom themes. Add iHacksRepo source to Cydia from the below URL


iHackStore – If you are searching for hacked apps and paid apps for free then this repo is for you. You will find some of the best Cydia tweaks iOS 11 here. This is one of the best Cydia Sources for iOS 11. You can add this repo to Cydia app from the below URL:


xSellize Repo: If you are in search of repos which provides paid games for free and tweaked version of popular games, then xSellize is the one that you need. It includes some of the best games from GameBoy, Nintendo etc. Along with games, you can also find best tweaks and themes here for free.


iPhoneCake – I hope that you might already have heard about this repo. This is most popular repo for gaming apps and tweaked games. You can get all the best games by adding this repo to the Cydia app in your iPhone.


Insanelyi Repo – It is yet another best Cydia Source for iOS 11 for those who loves customization and beautify the look of iOS with hidden iOS tweaks. Just add this repo and go through all the tweaks, install the best tweaks which are going to make your iPhone look great.

Repo: repo: If you are in search of Paid apps for free, then hackulo is the best cydia source that you should add to your iPhone. It is one among the most popular Cydia best sources for iOS 11. If you want to add this best Cydia repo for iOS 11, just go to Cydia and add the below source to Cydia app.


If you know any other best iOS 11 Cydia tweaks that you know, let us know in comments below so that other will get to know about them.

Best iOS 11 Cydia Sources/repos – Updated

I have checked that most of the repos arent working anymore and here is the list of best iOS 11 Cydia Sources in 2018. I have checked each and every repo and at the time of checking, all the below repos were working. If you find any of the below Cydia repos are not working, let me know and I will update that here.

IBSoft Repo stable

IBSoft Repo Beta

Delta Repo

Ryan Petrichs Repo

Digital Datkroom Repo

iPhone Cake Repo

PoomSmarts Repo

eni9889 UnlimApps Repo

Alfhaily Repo

tateu Repo

CreatureSurvives repo

Alexs Repo

CydiaGeek Repo

Sticktrons Lab Repo

Rob311 Repo

LaughingQuolls Public Repository

Cokepokes Repo

nullpixels Repo

Cabrals Cydia Repository

ToxicAppl3 Inc Repo


The FESTIVAL Cydia Repository


For those who are having issues with adding iPhoneCake repo on Cydia, here is the tutorial on How to Add iPhoneCake repo on Cydia

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